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COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />STATE OF HAWAII <br />RESOLUTION NO. 726 18 <br />A RESOLUTION TO AWARD A PUBLIC ACCESS, OPEN SPACE, AND NATURAL <br />RESOURCES PRESERVATION MAINTENANCE STEWARDSHIP GRANT TO <br />NA MAMO O KAWA. <br />WHEREAS, Section 10-16 of the Hawaii County Charter (2016) provides for a Public <br />Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Maintenance Fund; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 10-16, subsection (a) provides in part that the purpose of this fund <br />is "to preserve the land, promote public safety, and maintain a healthy stewardship"; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 10-16, subsection (h) provides for a stewardship grant program, <br />which allows 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to apply for funding for grant-in-aid projects that <br />will be utilized for public safety, maintenance and preservation of lands acquired using the <br />Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resource Preservation Fund; and <br />WHEREAS, Communication No. 954, as issued by the Director of the Department of <br />Parks and Recreation, submitted for the Council's consideration seven applicants for stewardship <br />grants for various properties that have been acquired by way of the Public Access, Open Space, <br />and Natural Resources Preservation Fund; and <br />WHEREAS, Na Mamo O Kawa submitted an application to provide land stewardship <br />and cultural education for the Kawa properties (TMK: 9-5-016:006 & 025; and 9-5-017:005 & <br />007); and <br />WHEREAS, the Council finds that awarding a stewardship grant to Na Mamo O Kawa <br />will allow it to continue its ongoing restoration work on the property, implement a dry land and <br />coastal rehabilitation plan, and preserve and protect significant cultural features, including a <br />freshwater spring, loko i`a, heiau, and ahu; and <br />WHEREAS, this grant will also assist Na Mamo O Kawa to work in partnership with <br />biological and archaeological professionals to implement a native revegetation plan and a <br />cultural site monitoring plan, while maintaining safe and secure access to the property, thus <br />satisfying the provisions contained in Section 10-16; and <br />