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(c) Standards. <br /> All short-term vacation rentals shall be subject to the following standards: <br /> (1) The owner or reachable person shall reside in the County of Hawai`i and <br /> shall be reachable by guests, neighbors, and County agencies on a twenty- <br /> four hour, seven days-per-week basis. The owner shall notify the planning <br /> department of any changes to their contact information forthwith. <br /> (2) Good neighbor policy. The owner or reachable person shall be responsible <br /> to ensure that activities taking place within the short-term vacation rental <br /> conform to the character of the existing neighborhood in which the rental is <br /> located. At a minimum, the following shall be prominently displayed within. <br /> the dwelling unit and recited in the rental agreement signed by the tenant: <br /> (A) Quiet hours shall be from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., during which time <br /> the noise from the short-term vacation rental shall not unreasonably <br /> disturb adjacent neighbors. <br /> (B) Sound that,is audiblebeyond the property boundaries during non-quiet <br /> hours shall not be more excessive than would be otherwise associated with <br /> a residential area. <br /> (C) Guest vehicles shall be parked in the designated onsite parking area. <br /> (3) All print and internet advertising of short-term vacation rentals, including <br /> listings with a rental service or real estate firm, shall include the registration <br /> or nonconforming use certificate number. <br /> (4) A copy of the registration as well as the reachable person's name and phone <br /> number, shall be displayed on the back of the front door of the sleeping <br /> quarters. <br /> (5) Off-street parking shall meet the requirements set forth in section 25-4-51 <br /> and applicable parking standards in this chapter. <br /> (6) Any commercial signage that advertises a short-term vacation rental shall <br /> comply with the requirements of section 22-2.6 and chapter 3 of this Code. <br /> (d) Complaints and public information. <br /> The director shall: <br /> (1) Receive and track complaints regarding short-term vacation rentals; <br /> (2) Provide information about rules, policies, and procedures pertaining to short- <br /> term vacation rentals to property owners, managers, neighbors, and the general <br /> public; and <br /> (3) Maintain a list of all short-term vacation rentals that have registered or received <br /> a nonconforming use certificate. <br /> (e) Director duties in event of emergency. <br /> In the event of a declared emergency, natural or manmade, where a significant <br /> number of nonconforming short-term vacation rentals are permanently lost within <br /> any given judicial district, the director shall assess the effect of such loss upon the <br /> affected district and if deemed necessary, initiate legislative and administrative <br /> opportunities to restore such loss in short-term vacation rental capacity within the <br /> district of origin. <br /> 3 <br />