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REPORT OF THE <br /> COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY <br /> AND MASS TRANSIT <br /> DATE: October 16, 2018 Re: Comm. No. 1129 <br /> PLACE: Kailua Kona, Hawai`i <br /> TIME: 9:07 a.m. <br /> Council Chair and Members <br /> Hawai`i County Council <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Your Committee on Public Safety and Mass Transit, to which was referred Communication <br /> No. 1129, reports as follows: <br /> Communication 1129, transmitted by Mayor Harry Kim, dated September 28, 2018, nominates <br /> Joan Obra of Council District 6 to the Police Commission. Ms. Obra is a journalist turned small <br /> business owner who co-owns Rusty's Hawai'ian Coffee farm and Isla Custom Coffees. Prior to <br /> moving to Hawai`i approximately 7 years ago, Ms. Obra lived in Fresno, California where she <br /> worked as a reporter and a columnist for The Fresno Bee newspaper. <br /> As a resident of Pahala, Ms. Obra is active in serving and organizing her community in an effort <br /> to create a safe and healthy environment for its citizens. Her primary focus is to support coffee <br /> farmers, support Hawai`i's agriculture industry and to help keep Pahala informed in times of <br /> natural disasters. She is a member of the Democratic Party. If confirmed, she will serve a term to <br /> end December 31, 2022. <br /> Ms. Rose Bautista, Executive Assistant to Mayor Kim, introduced Ms. Obra, who appeared via <br /> video link from the Na'alehu Council Office. There was support from council members for her <br /> nomination. Chair Eoff stated she need not appear before the Council in two weeks. <br /> Your Committee on Public Safety and Mass Transit is in accord with the purpose and intent of <br /> Communication 1129, and recommends confirmation of the appointment of Joan Obra to the <br /> Police Commission. <br /> nh <br /> AYES NOES ABS EX Respectfully submitted, <br /> CHUNG X <br /> DAVID x COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY <br /> EOFF x AND MASS TRANSIT <br /> KANUHA X <br /> LEE LOY X <br /> O'HARA X C it. t <br /> ie <br /> POINDEXTER x KAREN EOFF, ICE CHAIR <br /> RICHARDS X PSMTC REPORT NO.: 13 <br /> RUGGLES X ADOPTED: NOV 0 2 2018 <br />