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REPORT OF THE <br /> COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> DATE: October 16, 2018 Re: Comm. No. 739.83/Bill No. 108, Draft 4 <br /> PLACE: Council Chambers <br /> Kona, Hawai`i <br /> TIME: 9:43 a.m. <br /> Council Chair and Members <br /> Hawaii County Council <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Your Committee on Planning, to which was referred Bill No. 108, Draft 4, reports as follows: <br /> Bill No. 108, Draft 4, transmitted by Mayor Harry Kim, via Communication No. 739.83, dated <br /> September 27, 2018, amends Chapter 25, Article 1, Article 2, Article 4, and Article 5, of the <br /> Hawaii County Code 1983 (2016 edition, as amended), relating to Short-Term Vacation Rentals. <br /> Mayor Kim forwarded the Windward and Leeward Planning Commissions' favorable <br /> recommendations for this measure, which would define where short-term vacation rentals would <br /> be allowed, establishes regulations for their use, and provides a way for an owner or operator to <br /> obtain a nonconforming use certificate that would allow them to operate in a non-permitted <br /> district. <br /> Planning Director Michael Yee, Deputy Planning Director Daryn Arai and Deputy Corporation <br /> Counsel Ronald Kim were present. <br /> Council Member Karen Eoff explained the process that this measure has gone through thus far, <br /> and thanked the public, administration, the planning department and legislative research branch <br /> for the extensive work that went into this bill. <br /> Mr. Yee gave an overview of his recommendations, and recommendations of the Leeward and <br /> Windward Planning Commissions. Mr. Yee addressed enforcement issues and the need to find <br /> the right balance with regard to zoning. <br /> Ms. Eoff moved to amend Bill 108, Draft 4, with the contents of Communication No. 739.310, <br /> which incorporates recommendations of the Planning Director, and Leeward and Windward <br /> Planning Commissions. Ms. Eoff explained that this amendment improves the bill greatly and <br /> incorporates the recommendations of the Director and both Planning Commissions. Ms. Eoff <br /> proceeded to explain each amendment in Communication 739.310, one by one. <br /> Council Members Eoff, Kanuha, David, Poindexter, Lee Loy and Richards each spoke in favor <br /> of the amendment, and several inquiries were made to Director Yee and Deputy Director Arai. <br /> Council Member O'Hara voiced her concerns regarding how this bill will negatively affect <br /> people who wish to start a short-term vacation rental business on lots within the State Land Use <br /> Agricultural areas in Puna. <br /> PC Report No. 74 <br />