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Harry Kim ° ��oF N,..''� Deanna S. Sako <br /> Mayor ^4\�jl .` Director <br /> •'.144.741.40°.,OF.40°. <br /> County of Hawaii <br /> Finance Department <br /> 25 Aupuni Street,Suite 2103 • Hilo,Hawai`i 96720 <br /> (808)961-8234 • Fax(808)961-8569 <br /> COO CD CI <br /> C=0 C.p <br /> October 16, 2018 r <br /> —C--i <br /> Valerie Poindexter, Council Chair and °, CD <br /> 'Members of the Hawai`i County Council <br /> Hawai`i County Council <br /> 25 Aupuni Street <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Re: Operating Budget <br /> The County of Hawai`i has been awarded$114,750 in federally-derived funds from the State of <br /> Hawai`i Department of Defense, Hawai`i Emergency Management Agency. These funds are to <br /> support objectives and activities of the County of Hawai`i Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Upgrade <br /> project. Enclosed is a resolution to enter into an agreement to accept these funds. Also enclosed is <br /> a bill for an ordinance amending the Operating Budget by appropriating this'$114,750 grant. <br /> The Civil Defense Agency is requesting that this resolution and bill be waived from the Finance <br /> Committee and be placed on the November 2, 2018 Council agenda in order to expedite the receipt <br /> of these funds. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call Talmadge Magno, Civil <br /> Defense Administrator at 935-0031. <br /> Deanna S. Sako <br /> Director of Finance <br /> Enc. <br /> c: Civil Defense <br /> <Res . 11.1 -liS• Will ao1y <br /> Comm. No. , ,' <br /> Ref. talim <br /> Hawaii County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer Ref. Date OCT 1 8 2018 <br />