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REPORT OF THE <br /> COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> DATE: November 1, 2018 Re: Comm. No. 1135/Bill No. 204 <br /> PLACE: Council Chambers <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i <br /> TIME: 1:05 p.m. <br /> Council Chair and Members <br /> Hawai`i County Council <br /> Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Your Committee on Planning, to which was referred Bill No. 204, reports as follows: <br /> Bill No. 204, transmitted by Mayor Harry Kim, via Communication No. 1135, dated October 8, 2018, <br /> amends Ordinance No. 06-47, which reclassified lands from Single Family Residential (RS-10) to <br /> General Commercial (CG-10) at Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawai`i, covered by Tax Map Keys: <br /> 2-2-028:030, 032 and 033. (Applicant: Janice Oshiro) (Area: 28,002 square feet). <br /> Mayor Harry Kim forwarded the Windward Planning Commission's favorable recommendation <br /> for this amendment to request a five-year time extension to complete construction and an <br /> administrative time extension that could provide for an additional five years to complete <br /> construction, to allow for the conversion of two existing single-family dwellings into office <br /> spaces. The property is located approximately 163 feet northeast of the intersection of Kilauea <br /> Avenue and Lanikaula Street. <br /> Planning Consultant Sidney Fuke appeared, representing the applicant. Mr. Fuke explained the <br /> family had this property years ago, however, when the applicant's father passed away, plans <br /> were waylaid for this property. He further stated that the ultimate goal was to convert this <br /> property into small offices, and that the time had lapsed for the structures to be converted. <br /> There was no discussion. The vote was then taken on the motion to move this measure to <br /> Council with a positive recommendation and passed with seven "ayes." <br /> Your Committee on Planning is in accord with the purpose and intent of Bill No. 204, and <br /> recommends its passage on first reading. <br /> wb <br /> AYES NOES ABS EX Respectfully submitted, <br /> CHUNG X <br /> DAVID x COMMITTEE ON PLANNING <br /> EOFF X <br /> KANUHA X <br /> LEE LOY X <br /> O'HARA X <br /> POINDEXTER x KAREN EOFF, CHAIR <br /> RICHARDS X PC REPORT NO.: 76 <br /> RUGGLES X ADOPTED: NOV 2 0 2018 <br />