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(2) Any new short-term vacation rental established in a zoning district after the <br />effective date of this ordinance, where such use is permissible pursuant to <br />this section, shall register with the director and pay a one-time fee of $500 <br />prior to use of such rental. <br />(3) Short-term vacation rentals shall only be established within a dwelling that <br />has been issued final approvals by the building division for building, <br />electrical, and plumbing permits. <br />(4) Owners of short-term vacation rentals shall register by submitting a form to <br />the planning department in a format prescribed by the director. <br />The registration form, at a minimum, shall require: <br />(A) Verification that State of Hawaii general excise tax and transient <br />accommodations tax licenses are in effect and verification that CountN <br />property taxes are paid in full; <br />(B) Certification that the requisite amount of parking_ pursuant to section <br />25-4-51, is available; <br />(C) Submittal of a site plan showing the location of the rooms for rent and <br />requisite parking; and <br />(D) Verification that notification letters from nonconforming use <br />applicants have been sent to all owners and lessees of record of all lots <br />of which any portion is within three hundred feet of any point along <br />the perimeter boundary of the short-term vacation rental property. The <br />notification letter shall provide detailed information about the short- <br />term vacation rental operation including: number of units being rented; <br />maximum number ofug_ests permitted; number and location of <br />required parking spaces; and instructions on how to submit complaints <br />to the planning_ department about the subject rental operation. <br />(5) Owners of short-term vacation rentals shall notify the director when a <br />short-term vacation rental establishment permanently ceases to operate <br />for any reason. <br />(6) Upon change in ownership, the new owner shall notify the director <br />forthwith of the change in ownership and provide contact information <br />for the reachable person. Registration shall automatically continue, <br />subject to termination by the new owner. <br />(7) Any short-term vacation rental that has not lawfully registered within the <br />deadlines set forth in this section shall be considered an unpermitted use <br />and subject to the penalties set forth in this chapter until such time as <br />proper registration and compliance with applicable requirements of this <br />section are obtained. <br />