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<br />2. Planning Staff will Provide a Status Report on the Kona Open Space Network Priority Project. <br />Planner Bethany Morrison provided an update on the funding for t he Kona Open Space Network Plan. <br />The plan is on its way to being funded after having been appropriated, then allotted, through the <br />County’s Capital Improvement Program. The next step for the project will be to encumber the funds <br />through issuing a contract with a consultant who will partner with planning staff, and the Action <br />Committee, in drafting the plan. In the meantime, the Planning Department has been partnering with a <br />student from the University of Colorado Denver Masters in Urban and Regional Plannin g program. <br />Maria Torbert is currently researching case studies, best practices, and model ordinances for projects <br />in other areas which are similar in scope. It is anticipated that this, along with the visioning work from <br />the Kona Open Space Subcommittee, w ill further define the scope of work for the future consultant. <br />Her final report is due on Mary 6 , 2019. Ms. Morrison suggested they may be able to set up an <br />interactive presentation at the May Action Committee meeting. <br />PUBLIC COMMENT ON AGENDA ITEMS : No one from the public signed up to provide public comment, <br />however questions, concerns, and other discussion points brought up by community members are <br />reflected in the narrative of the respective agenda items. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br />Committee Member Kimu ra moved to defer the approval of the minutes until after agenda item 3: <br />General Plan Comprehensive Review Update . Second by Committee Member Payne. The motion to <br />defer passed with 6 votes aye, 0 votes nay. [Committee Member Palacat - Nelsen was not present at the <br />time of the vote.] <br />Committee Member Kimura moved to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2019 meeting as <br />submitted [ with corrections ] . Second by Committee Member Payne . The motion to approve the mi nute s <br />as submitted pa ssed with 6 votes aye, 0 vot es nay . [Committee Member DeFranco was not present at <br />the time of the vote.] <br />REPORT and OTHER PRESENTATIONS : <br />3. General Plan Comprehensive Review Update : <br />Planner Bethany Morrison gave a presentation about the current progress and timeline of the General <br />Pla n Comprehensive Review. Her presentation slides, Communication Number 2019 - 0 7 may be viewed <br />and downloaded from the following website: <br /> doc/99776/Page1.aspx <br />Ms. Morrison sought feedback on proposed new structural changes to the Long Range Planning <br />Program. For instance, standardizing the format and implementation of plans, eliminating confusing or <br />contradictory statements across plans, an d maintaining consistency between CDPs and the General <br />Plan are all ways to make the documents more viable and easily implemented. Additionally, planning <br />staff are working to integrate CDP content and values to translate better with the regulatory side of <br />planning. <br />Committee Members and the public responded with various questions and/or concerns, which were <br />recorded and discussed. It was stressed that gaining input from Action Committee members is a top <br />priority to formulate a comprehensive planning structu re that makes sense for everyone. <br /> <br /> Page 2 <br /> <br />