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eruption. Additionally, she stated she would like to allow for commercial zoning in lower Puna <br />to allow for economic growth. <br />3. Ms. Tiffany E. Hunt, representing herself, provided testimony on business item #1. Ms. E. Hunt <br />stated she lost her home in Vacationland and moved to Hawaiian Acres and she did not find it <br />pleasant. She shared her concern that a gate had been but up between Hawaiian Acres and <br />Fern Acres. She asked what happens when the PCDP is violated by a community association <br />referring to the inter -subdivision connectivity as prescribed by the Puna Community <br />Development Plan. Ms. E. Hunt shared that frequently abandoned vehicles are left in the area <br />of the gate between Hawaiian Acres and Fern Acres. She stated that locked gates are <br />dangerous because the Police and Fire Dept. cannot readily access areas that are blocked by a <br />private gate. <br />4. Ms. Hannah Hedrick, representing the Upper Puna Emergency Response and Preparedness <br />Team, provided testimony on business item #1. Ms. Hedrick shared that she would like to see <br />further implementation of the Puna Community Development Plan as well as the other <br />Community Development Plans. She stated that connectivity is also a big issue in her <br />community of Fern Forest not only for Police and emergency services, but also for the <br />residents. Ms. Hedrick shared that she is putting together a community organization called the <br />Puna Informal Network and urged members of the public to join as points of contact for <br />communication in emergency situations for their respective subdivisions. <br />5. Ms. Catherine Inslee, representing herself, provided testimony on business item #1. Ms. Inslee <br />shared that she had discovered an alleged megalithic navigational compass in Pahoa. She <br />stated that this megalith site could attract the scientific community as well as tourists to the <br />island. Ms. Inslee shared her thoughts that the alleged site would have potential to increase <br />tourism revenue for Hawaii Island. <br />Ms. Inslee additionally submitted written testimony which can be reviewed here: <br /> <br />6. Ms. Braja Tarletz, representing Pu`u`a Community Road Association, provided testimony on <br />business item #1. Ms. Tarletz shared her concerns regarding road connectivity. She shared that <br />there had been a fire on Cinder Road and if the Fire Department had not extinguished the fire, <br />her and other residents would have been trapped with no way to get out. She expressed her <br />desire to have Railroad Avenue opened to allow access to lower Puna. <br />7. Ms. Smiley Burrows, representing Imua Lower Puna Group, provided testimony on business <br />item #1. Ms. Burrows shared that she was proud of the progress that has been made in her <br />community and expressed her gratitude for the roads being reopened to Kapoho. Ms. Burrows <br />shared her idea for a destination place project for Kapoho to incorporate youth. She also sated <br />she would like to create a commercial kitchen for farmers in the Kapoho area, and that she <br />would need county water restored to accomplish that project. Ms. Burrows expressed her <br />desire to further restore roads that were inundated by lava during the 2018 eruption. <br />8. Ms. Eileen O'Hara, representing herself, provided testimony on business item #1. Ms. O'Hara <br />stated that the Pahoa Village Masterplan still has not been completed as prescribed in the Puna <br />Community Development Plan, and that she would like to see that project completed. She also <br /> puna(dhawaiicounty.-ov Page 2 <br />