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year <br />- <br />governmental organizations, <br />- <br />Community Certification for communities with high <br />Firewise <br />County shall ensure warning siren coverage is adequate for each <br />prone areas. <br />- <br />Ensure emergency evacuation routes are adequate for each community vulnerable to hazard. Ensure emergency response plans are adequate for each community. In coordination with State <br /> agencies, maintain shelter capacity and condition records to ensure that evacuation shelters are adequate for each community. Community. <br />All emergency response critical facilities and communication systems are designed and maintained to be resilient and remain operational during hazard events. All emergency facilities <br /> shall be located outside the 100 flood Partner with the State to assess and plan for alternative routes and possible relocation of coastal roads. Address and monitor known hazards <br /> along transportation routes. <br />Require hazard disclosures in all real estate conveyance transactions. Encourage the development and implementation of Community Wildfire Protection Plans and wildfire risk. Increase <br /> public education related to hazard zones, including evacuation routes and procedures for visitor accommodations. Develop the capacity for hazard preparedness of non businesses, and <br /> neighborhood groups. <br />Emergency Preparation <br />Community Education & Planning <br />Emergency Response <br />Hazard <br />- <br />disaster <br />- <br />Mitigating and Adapting to Hazards & Climate Change <br />Pre <br />disaster plans <br />- <br />hĬƆĻĭƷźǝĻʹ and post increase resilience. (measured through updates to Multi Mitigation Plan update). <br /> <br />