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<br /> <br />II. Review of the WIOA Vision <br />● WIOA Vision: Handout 1 (Slide 3) (Handout 1 includes WIOA Vision, Hallmarks, HI Vision & Goals) <br />○ To increase access and opportunities to employment, education, training, and support services <br />to employment. WIOA aims to promote stronger alignment of workforce, education, vocational <br />rehabilitation and other human service systems in order to improve the structure and delivery <br />of services to individuals. TEGL 19-14 <br />○ WIOA Vision and System Update: WIOA drives towards providing high-quality services for <br />individuals and employers, and that means state and local boards, one-stop (AJC) operators and <br />partners really have to focus on increasing coordination of programs and resources to make sure <br />that we have a comprehensive system that provides services to all job seekers, workers, and <br />businesses. <br />● WIOA’s Three Hallmarks of Excellence (Handout 1, Slide 4) <br />○ The needs of businesses and workers drive workforce solutions, and local boards are <br />accountable to communities in which they are located. <br />○ American Job Centers provide excellent customer service to all job-seekers and employers, and <br />focus on continuous improvement. <br />○ The workforce system supports strong regional economies, and plays an active role in <br />community and workforce development. <br />*Facilitator noted that Stakeholder’s packets included the Table of Contents of the Information Collection <br />Requirements for the 2020-2023 State Plans. The current Hawaii WIOA USP 2020-2016 is about 2350 pages. <br /> <br />III. Who are WIOA Workforce Development System (WDS) customers? Handout 2-info graphic <br />describing local workforce development system. (Slide 5) <br />● Job Seekers, Workers seeking advancement – group emphasized: (Unemployed, Veterans & Eligible <br />Spouses and Individuals with Barriers to Employment, Underemployed, Workers seeking advancement) <br />○ Seniors who need employment to subsidize <br />○ Ex-offenders <br />○ Youth <br />○ Persons with Disabilities (physical, emotional, mental) <br />○ Homeless <br />● Businesses/Employers <br />○ What are the needs of the sector to lift it up? Group noted: <br />■ Skill development, training, types of employees. Find those resources. <br />■ Connect with community college. <br />Handout 3: Snapshot of referrals for WDS in county if visited in-person or on-line will find the rest of available <br />services. No local additions, added 1-2 federal websites. <br />*Email me ( if you have some WDS customers who would fill out a survey for input <br />or be willing to talk with me. <br /> <br />IV. Review Hawaii County Stakeholders Survey Results (6 completed on-line survey), including <br />input for Hawaii’s Vision & Goals for 2020-2023 <br />● Check all the items below that describe you: (slide 6) <br />○ Core Program or Mandatory Partner – 4 <br />Page 2 of 15 <br /> <br /> <br />