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31 APPROVAL OF MINUTES: None. <br />32 BUSINESS: <br />33 1. Island -wide Community Development Plan Action Committee 2021 Planning Update: <br />34 a. Status of Action Committee Memberships <br />35 Long -Range Planning Staff member Keiko Mercado presented the status per CDP AC regarding <br />36 the number of persons seated or in holdover status, and the number of vacant seats. Currently, <br />37 North Kohala and Puna do not have sufficient members to meet quorum, and Ka'u is yet to be <br />38 seated. In addition, Ms. Mercado requested that current AC members provide names of <br />39 community groups and individuals who are actively working on community initiatives and may <br />40 be interested in working with or serving on an Action Committee. <br />41 b. Tentative Meeting and Communication Cadence <br />42 Long -Range Planning staff member Kamuela Plunkett presented the proposal to hold quarterly <br />43 meetings per CDP AC, plus two (2) bi-annual Community & County Co -Learning Series meetings <br />44 (see topic c. below). The quarterly meetings will be tailored to address relevant priorities, <br />45 including Chair/Vice Chair elections, a one-year roadmap of AC priorities to work on, capacity <br />46 building, unfinished business, and updates from Long -Range Planning staff on island -wide <br />47 initiatives. <br />48 c. High Level Overview of the Framework being developed around a County and Community <br />49 Learning and Communication Tool <br />50 Ms. Mercado introduced the Community & County Co -Learning Series (C2CLS) concept, which <br />51 is a bi-annual forum to include all AC's to share information, collaboratively identify solutionsto <br />52 community issues, and advance island -wide community resilience initiatives <br />53 After the presentation concluded, Long -Range Planning staff member Bethany Morrison opened <br />54 the floor to a Question & Answer Session: <br />55 Status of Action Committee Memberships <br />56 Q: How are terms affected by the hiatus, during which the ACs did not meet from September <br />57 2019 to November 2020? <br />58 A: This is under review with the department and incoming administration <br />59 Q: Will quarterly AC meetings be scheduled on specific days/specific weeks? When will they begin <br />60 so that 2021 Chair/Vice Chair elections may be completed to allow them to work on setting <br />61 agendas? <br />62 A: Subsequent to this meeting, Long -Range Planning staff will solicit input from AC membersfor <br />63 input on day of week & time of day that is best for members and community to meet via on-line <br />64 platforms. The first quarterly meeting will be planned for late-February/March of 2021. <br />65 Q: With quarterly AC meetings, will items that require a vote mean that at minimum three <br />66 meetings over seven months will be needed? <br />67 A: Yes, for items such as subcommittee reports, but we would explore alternatives within <br />68 Sunshine Law according to the nature of the item to be voted on. <br />69 Q: How will quarterly AC meeting and C2CLS agendas be determined? <br />70 A: For quarterly meetings, in the same fashion as before where AC members propose items, and <br />71 the Chair/Long-Range Planning staff structure the agenda. For C2CLS, AC members across the <br />72 island will propose items and the Long -Range Planning staff will aggregate into an agenda and <br />73 review with AC Chairs <br />https.11www.ylanninz.hawahcountuQowhome southkohala(a�hawahcounty.Qov Page 2 <br />