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56072 Federal Register/Vol. 81, No. 161/Friday, August 19, 2016/Rules and Regulations <br /> DEPARTMENT OF LABOR V. Section-by-Section Discussion of the I.Executive Summary <br /> Public Comments and Final Regulations <br /> Employment and Training A.Part 603—Federal-State Unemployment A.Purpose of the Regulatory Action <br /> Administration Compensation Program On July 22, 2014,President Obama <br /> B.Part 675—Introduction to the signed the Workforce Innovation and <br /> 20 CFR Parts 603,651,652,653,654, Regulations for the Workforce Opportunity Act(WIOA) (Pub.L. 113- <br /> 658,675,679,680,681,682,683,684, Development Systems Under Title I of 128),comprehensive legislation that <br /> 685,686,687,and 688 the Workforce Innovation and Act reforms and modernizes the public <br /> C.Part 679—Statewide and Local workforce system. WIOA reaffirms the <br /> [Docket No.ETA-2015-0001] Governance of the Workforce role of the public workforce system, and <br /> RN 1205–AB73 Development System Under Title I of the brings together and enhances several <br /> Workforce Innovation and Opportunity key employment, education, and <br /> Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act training programs.This new law <br /> Act D.Part 680—Adult and Dislocated Worker p ,rovides resourcesservices, and <br /> Activities Under Title I of the Workforce leadershiptools for the public <br /> AGENCY:Employment and Training Innovation and Opportunity Act <br /> Administration(ETA),Labor. E.Part 681—Youth Activities Under Title workforce system to help individuals <br /> ACTION: Final rule. I of the Workforce Innovation and find good jobs and stay employed and <br /> Opportunity Act improves employer prospects for <br /> SUMMARY: The Department of Labor F.Part 682—Statewide Activities Under success in the global marketplace.It <br /> (DOL or the Department)issues this Title I of the Workforce Innovation and ensures that the public workforce <br /> Final Rule to implement titles I and III Opportunity Act system operates as a comprehensive, <br /> of the Workforce Innovation and G.Part 683—Administrative Provisions integrated, and streamlined system to <br /> Opportunity Act(WIOA). Through these Under Title I of the Workforce provide pathways to prosperity for those <br /> regulations,the Department reforms and Innovation and Opportunity Act it serves and continuously improves the <br /> modernizes our nation's workforce H.Part 684—Indian and Native American quality and performance of its services. <br /> development system.This rule provides Programs Under Title I of the Workforce The Department is publishing this <br /> the framework for changes for statewide Innovation and Opportunity Act Final Rule to implement those <br /> and local workforce development I.Part 685—National Farmworker Jobs provisions of WIOA that affect the core <br /> systems to increase the employment, Program Under Title I of the Workforce programs under title I,the Wagner- <br /> retention,earnings, and occupational Innovation and Opportunity Act Peyser Act Employment Service (ES) <br /> skill attainment of U.S. workers, J.Part 686—The Job Corps Under Title I of program, as amended by WIOA title III <br /> the Workforce Innovation and (ES program), Jobp <br /> particularly those individuals with p g ), and the Corps <br /> barriers to employment, so they can Opportunity Act national programs authorized under title <br /> move into good jobs and careers and K.Part 687—National Dislocated Worker I which will be administered by the <br /> Grants Department.In addition to this DOL <br /> provide businesses with the skilled P <br /> L.Part 688—Provisions Governing the WIOA Final Rule,the Departments of <br /> workforce needed to make the United P <br /> YouthBuild Program Education(ED) and Laborjointlyare <br /> States more competitive in the 21st M.Part 651—General Provisions Governing <br /> Centuryglobal publishing a Final Rule to implement <br /> g economy. the Wagner-Peyser Act Employment those provisions of WIOA that affect all <br /> DATES: This Final Rule is effective Service of the WIOA core programs (titles I <br /> October 18, 2016. N.Part 652—Establishment and <br /> FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Functioning of State Employment through IV)and which will have to be <br /> Adele Gagliardi,Administrator,Office Service overseen and administered jointly by <br /> of Policy Development and Research O.Part 653—Services of the Wagner-Peyser both Departments.Readers should note <br /> (OPDR),U.S.Department of Labor, Act Employment Service that in this DOL WIOA Final Rule there <br /> Employment and Training P.Part 654—Special Responsibilities of the are a number of cross-references to the <br /> Administration, 200 Constitution Employment Service Joint WIOA Final Rule published by ED <br /> Avenue NW.,Room N-5641, Q.Part 658—Administrative Provisions and DOL, including those provisions in <br /> Washington,DC 20210,Telephone: Governing the Wagner-Peyser Act the Joint WIOA Final Rule regarding <br /> (202)693-3700 (voice) (this is not a toll Employment Service performance reporting.In addition to <br /> free number). If you use a VI.Rulemaking Analyses and Notices the Joint WIOA Final Rule,ED and DOL <br /> A.Executive Orders 12866 and 13563: are issuing separate final rules to <br /> telecommunications device for the deaf Regulatory Planning and Review implement program-specific <br /> (TDD),call 1-800-326-2577. B.Regulatory Flexibility Act requirements of WIOA that fall under <br /> SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: C.Small Business Regulatory Enforcement each Department's purview.DOL is <br /> Table of Contents Fairness Act of 1996 issuing this Final Rule governing <br /> D.Paperwork Reduction Act program-specific requirements under <br /> I.Executive Summary E.Executive Order 13132(Federalism) WIOA title I and for the ES program, as <br /> A.Purpose of the Regulatory Action F.Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 <br /> B. Summary of Major Provisions G.Plain Language amended WIOA title III. is issuing <br /> C.Costs and Benefits three finall rules: Oneeimplementing <br /> II.Acronyms and Abbreviations H.Assessment of Federal Regulations and program-specific requirements of the <br /> Policies on Families <br /> III.Rulemaking Authority and Background I.Executive Order 13175(Indian Tribal Adult Education and Family Literacy <br /> A.Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Governments) Act(AEFLA), as reauthorized by title II <br /> Act Principles of WIOA; and two final rules <br /> B.Major Changes From the Workforce <br /> J.Executive Order 12630(Government implementing allprogram-specific <br /> Investment Act of 1998 Actions and Interference With P g <br /> C.Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Constitutionally Protected Property requirements for programs authorized <br /> Act Rulemaking Process Rights) under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as <br /> D.Legal Basis K.Executive Order 12988(Civil Justice amended by title IV of WIOA.The Joint <br /> IV.Public Comments Received on the Notice Reform) WIOA Final Rule and other Department- <br /> of Proposed Rulemaking L.Executive Order 13211(Energy Supply) specific final rules are published <br />