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The Hamakua Development Plan, Community Development Plan. On December 19, 2016, the <br />Hamakua Community Development Plan or CDP Steering Committee recommended approval of <br />a revised version of the March 2016 draft Hamakua CDP. After reviewing agency comments, <br />the Planning Director has recommended revisions to the CDP. Pursuant to Section 2-28.1 of the <br />Hawaii County Code, within 60 days after receipt of the Planning Director's recommendation <br />on the draft, on a draft community development plan, or any amendment thereof, the Windward <br />Planning Commission shall transmit the draft community development plan, or any amendment, <br />with its recommendation through the Mayor to the County Council. Likewise, pursuant to <br />Section 15.1 of the General Plan, the County Council may modify or amend the community <br />development plan before enacting it by ordinance, but it shall give the Steering Committee and <br />the Windward Planning Commission an opportunity to review and comment upon substantive <br />amendments and modifications before final adoption of the plan. <br />So, the purpose of this meeting and public hearing is to afford all interested persons a reasonable <br />opportunity to comment on the Hamakua CDP and for the Commission to review the CDP and <br />consider its recommendation to the County Council. <br />That's the item on the agenda this evening, and with that, I'll ask Bethany to do a however long <br />presentation on nine years' worth of work. <br />MORRISON: Good evening, Commissioners. Thank you so much for your time this evening, <br />and good evening community members as well. My name is Bethany Morrison. I'm a long- <br />range planner for the County of Hawaii, and I'm helping—usually you would see Leana Gloor <br />here, but she wasn't able to make it this evening, so I'm here in her place and trying to do a <br />decentjob. <br />I want to thank the Steering Committee as Commissioner also thanked them for their time and <br />energy as volunteer members. We have Brad here this evening. We have Glenn here this <br />evening. I wasn't able to see if any other—did you see anybody else? Not yet, okay. Thank <br />you, too, for coming and for your time tonight. <br />This was a great opportunity for the Steering Committee, the community, consultants, and the <br />Planning Department to really come together on this process. I'm going to give you an overview <br />of the Hamakua Community Development Plan, but before I do, I just want to provide a little bit <br />of context for everybody. <br />Starting in 1971, our County adopted their first General Plan as the long-range planning <br />document for the County. It has been updated along the way until the recent one of 2005. <br />However, there was limited public engagement and little opportunity for the community to really <br />be involved. So, in the 2005 update to the General Plan, it was very intentional that a <br />community development plan process be included in that General Plan to provide for that more <br />meaningful process for the community to be engaged in how they wanted their community to <br />grow. <br />And, so we set off doing community planning work. The first four CDP's were adopted in 2008, <br />and then we started Hamakua and Ka`u in the next round of CDP's. The first question that you <br />EXHIBIT A <br />2 <br />