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and the next steps moving forward on the identified priorities. The role and responsibility <br />of the community group liaisons will also be determined and discussed with the Action <br />Committee. <br />3. Report on the status of the 'Welcome to North Kohala' brochure: Chair Hoffmann will lead <br />a discussion on the current working status of the brochure, and what action is needed to <br />move the project forward. <br />4. Capacity Building Presentation: Hawai'i Land Use 101: CDP Planner, LeAna Gloor, will <br />present information on land use in Hawai'i and provide an overview of the County's <br />Planning Department's divisions and functions. <br />AGENDA FOR NEXT MEETING: Agenda item suggestions from the Action Committee and <br />Planning Staff for the November 19, 2018 AC meeting. <br />ADJOURNMENT <br />This agenda and all related documents can be viewed and downloaded from the following <br />website <br />information/2018-meetings. These documents may also be requested from the Planning <br />Department by calling (808) 961-8288 or emailing <br />NOTICE: The purpose of the public hearings is to afford all interested persons a reasonable <br />opportunity to be heard on the above items. According to the Operating Guidelines of the <br />Community Development Plan Action Committee, a person desiring to submit oral or written <br />testimony shall indicate her/his name and whether the testimony is her/his behalf or as a <br />representative of an organization or individual. Written testimony shall be submitted with an <br />original and nine copies prior to testifying. The Committee would appreciate timely submittal to <br />the Planning Department at least one week prior to the meeting date to allow for mailing and <br />thorough Committee review. <br />Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service, other reasonable modification, or language <br />interpretation to access this meeting please contact the Planning Department at (808) 961-8288 <br />as soon as possible, but no later than five working days prior to the meeting date, to arrange for <br />accommodations. "Other reasonable modification" refers to communication methods or devices <br />for people with disabilities who are mentally and/or physically challenged. <br />If you are a lobbyist, you must register with the Hawai'i County Clerk within five days of becoming <br />a lobbyist. (Article 15, Section 2-91.3(b), Hawaii County Code). A lobbyist means, "any individual <br />engaged for pay or other consideration who spends more than five hours in any month or $275 in <br />any six-month period for the purpose of attempting to influence legislative or administrative <br />action by communicating or urging others to communicate with public officials." (Article 15, <br />Section 2-91.3(a)(6), Hawai'i County Code). Registration forms and expenditure report <br />documents are available at the Office of the County Clerk -Council, 25 Aupuni Street, Hilo, Hawai'i <br />96720. <br />NORTH KOHALA ACTION COMMITTEE <br />Steve Hoffmann, Chair <br />www.hiplanningdenu m Haivai'i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Emplover plannine(a'hawaiicounty_,goy <br />