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4�J�LY,OF M.*4 <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII STATE OF HAWAII <br /> �►t oF.N'.P . <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 143 14 <br /> A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE DESIGNATION OF THE FOURTH <br /> WEDNESDAY OF APRIL AS INTERNATIONAL DENIM DAY AS A PART OF THE <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAI`I'S RECOGNITION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS <br /> MONTH. <br /> WHEREAS, Sexual Assault Awareness Month is observed every year during the month <br /> of April to promote sexual violence prevention and education initiatives across the nation that <br /> seek to raise the public consciousness; and <br /> WHEREAS, International Denim Day was founded in 1999 by Peace Over Violence, a <br /> 501(c)(3)nonprofit dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free <br /> from sexual,domestic, and interpersonal violence; and <br /> WHEREAS, International Denim Day was inspired by the women of the Italian <br /> Parliament who wore jeans to work the day after the third division of the Supreme Court of <br /> Appeals in Rome overturned the rape conviction of a 45-year-old man who sexually assaulted his <br /> 18-year-old driving student because, "jeans cannot be removed easily and certainly it is <br /> impossible to pull them off if the victim is fighting against her attacker with all her force;" and <br /> WHEREAS, International Denim Day occurs on the fourth Wednesday in April as <br /> community members, elected officials, businesses, and students organize to wear jeans as a <br /> symbol of protest against the societal myths and destructive behaviors that perpetuate sexual <br /> violence; and <br /> WHEREAS, in 2018, the YWCA of Hawai`i Island Sexual Assault Support Services <br /> program reports having responded to 2,150 crisis calls from or on behalf of victims of sexual <br /> violence in Hawaii County, opening 329 cases and providing 1,929 hours of therapy to 167 <br /> people, and performing 58 forensic medical exams; and <br /> WHEREAS, Mayor Harry Kim has proclaimed every fourth Wednesday in April, <br /> beginning April 24, 2019, as International Denim Day in the County of Hawai`i; now,therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII that the <br /> County of Hawai`i stands in solidarity with local and global counterparts recognizing <br /> International Denim Day as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and encourages everyone <br /> to wear jeans on the fourth Wednesday in April, beginning April 24, 2019. <br />