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<br />Communication No. 2019-11 <br />4. GOALS, OBJECTIVES, P OLICIES, AN D <br />A CTIONS <br />Chapter 4 presents the goals, objectives, policies, and actions of the Kona Community Development Plan <br />(CDP). They are presented as eight elements, including: <br />1.Transportation <br />2. Land Use <br />3. Environmental Resource s <br />4. Cultural Resources <br />5.Housing <br />6. Public Facilities, Infrastructure and Services <br />7.Energy <br />8. Economic Development <br />These elements generally correspond with the thirteen elements of the County of Hawai‘i General Plan <br />(GP) except that five elements of the GP have been combined in two of the Kona CDP elements. <br />Specifically, the Kona CDP element for Public Facilities, Infrastructure and Services combines the GP <br />elements for Public Facilities, Public Utilities and Recreation; and, the Kona CDP element for <br />En vironmental Resources combines the GP elements for Environmental Quality, Flooding and Other <br />Natural Hazards, Natural Beauty and Natural Resources and Shoreline. The GP element for Historic Sites <br />is referred to in the Kona CDP as Cultural Resources and the GP element for Economic is referred to as <br />Economic Development. The concepts of sustainability variously addressed in the GP element for <br />Environmental Quality form a part of the overall vision for the Kona CDP, as presented in Chapter 3 <br />Visualizing Kona Tomorrow. <br />Each of the eight Elements in this chapter has seven eight components, described as follows: <br />1. Introduction to the Element, discussing its scope, purpose and/or guiding principle(s). A table <br />shows which of the eight guiding principles the Element supports. <br />2. Existing Conditions, describing the issues, concerns, and/or state of knowledge that are addressed <br />in the Element. <br />3. Overall Strategy, explaining the major approaches by which the issues and concerns described in <br />Existing Conditions will be addre ssed. <br />4. Goal, stating the intended outcome for the Element, as derived from the community outreach <br />phase of the Kona CDP process. <br />5. Objectives, corresponding to each of the major approaches identified in the Overall Strategy. Each <br />of the objectives in an Element is identified by an alphabetical prefix identifying the element and a <br />sequential numeral. For example, “Objective LU - 1” is the first objective in the Land Use Element. <br />6. Policies, that prescribe to guide how each objective will be achieved. The policies that use the <br />word “shall” are mandatory directives legally binding on to County agencies provided that in the <br />case of any conflict with existing United States or Hawai‘i State an d /or County law s , rules, or <br />regulations particularly any such laws, rules or regulations related to the protection, conservation, <br />maintenance, restoration, and /or preservation of cultural and /or natural resources, the existing <br /> <br />