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<br />Communication No. 2019-08 <br />Action Committee Feedback on GP Updates 2019 <br />North Kohala Action Committee South Kohala Action Committee <br />Puna Action Committee 03.05.2019 Kona Action Committee 03.12.2019 03.18.2019 03.25.2019 <br />Concerns over the Charter Commission Since CDP(s) are regionally specific how What is the process for going through the <br />timing with the General Plan updates. will that work with GP level What influences how those are chosen? updates/consistency among plans? <br />Since they are doing an overall charter standardization? <br />review now would it be a good time to <br />include the General Plan/CDP updates <br />with the charter. <br />Would like to see the lava eruption event What is history and process of amending How will the Action Committee be How will the rules for special areas be <br />of 2018 incorporated in the GP update. the GP? consulted in the review process in handled? Rules GP wide and for the <br />2 members at a time in a meeting?) <br />We should look for innovative process How are boundaries identified/ drawn/ Is there any anticipated change in the What is the timeline/process for the CDP <br />opportunities for design solutions to rationalized? Action Committee role in the updates to updates? <br />incorporate in the GP update to allow for the General Plan? <br />smaller pilot programs <br />Idea to use a rule based approach to Can specific areas in a CDP have its own Will there be public input in the CDP <br />defer to specific documents as the ruling neighborhood plans to be part of CDP. ordinances? reconciliation process? <br />document for a specific matter. <br />Will there be special area plans for Be mindful of State Law for EA/EIS He would like if the Action Committee Will reconciliation include ALL areas in <br />specific neighborhoods and or towns? reviews had more authority in the revision of the South Kohala? <br />update. <br />When will the water board be included in Why are Planning Comm. not already She would like an interim consultation Will there be documentation of the <br />the GP update process? integrated into GP and CDP Goals and with the Action Committee/community process for the public to access and stay <br />Implemented to discuss if the update is on the right updated? <br />track before completion. <br /> <br />