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<br />Communication No. 2019-10 <br />Waikoloa Subcommittee’s Waikoloa Road - Paniolo Avenue Intersection Report <br />South Kohala Community Development Plan (SKCDP) Action Committee <br />Waikoloa Subcommittee Report: <br />Paniolo Avenue - Waikoloa Road Intersection <br />Paniolo Avenue <br />Waikoloa Road <br />Waikoloa Road <br />Pua Melia Street <br />N <br />N <br />W aikoloa Road - Paniolo Avenue intersection as it is in 2019. Image from Apple Maps. Labels <br />added. <br />Preface: June 2019 Update <br />As this report was being prepared by the Waikoloa Subcommittee, Council Member Tim <br />Richards moved ahead with a CIP proposal at a special meeting of the County Council on June 5, <br />2019. The amendment was Communication 118.11 for Bill 31, the 2019-2020 budget bill, and <br />specified, “… to add the Waikoloa Road/Paniolo Avenue/Pua Melia Street Intersection <br />Improvement project in the amount of 4.5 million to the Department of Public Works.” The <br />amendment was passed unanimously by the Council and Bill 31 was “AMENDED TO DRAFT 4 <br />AND PASSED 2ND AND FINAL READING.” <br />As of this report date (June 18), the County budget process is not yet complete and the final <br />budget has not been approved by the Mayor, but the addition of this CIP is an important and <br />meaningful step forward towards addressing issues with this intersection. <br />Ju ne 18, 2019 Page 1 of 17 <br /> <br />