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,`v-7 Os <br /> "Id° . Wil Okabe <br /> " j% Managing Director <br /> Harry Kim <br /> Mayor <br /> ' Barbara.1.Kossow <br /> • ?:'pv; Deputy Managing Director <br /> O• N•' <br /> County of!gnat`t <br /> t®ffire of tilts Agar <br /> 25 Aupuni Street,Suite 2603 • Hilo, Hawaii 96720 • (808)961-8211 • Fax(808)961-6553 <br /> KONA: 74-5044 Me Keohokalole Hwy.,Bldg C • Kailua-Kona,Hawaii 96740 <br /> (808)323-4444 • Fax(808)323-4440 <br /> July 12, 2019 <br /> The Honorable David Y. Ige <br /> Governor of the State of Hawaii <br /> Executive Chambers <br /> State of Hawai'i <br /> Honolulu, HI 96813 <br /> Dear Governor Ige, <br /> I humbly ask you to delay the current schedule of developing the Thirty Meter <br /> Telescope (TMT) on Maunakea. <br /> My request for a delay of up to thirty days are for the following reasons: <br /> • To convene a meeting of key organizations and individuals from the <br /> Native Hawaiian community to further involve them on the issues of <br /> Maunakea and find a better way forward (suggested participants would <br /> include the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Department of Hawaiian Home <br /> Lands, Royal Order of Kamehameha, Lili'uokalani Trust and the Native <br /> Hawaiian Education Council). <br /> • To give all individuals, including that of business and responders, <br /> additional time to prepare for possible impacts of the events relating to <br /> TMT. <br /> • To establish a more comprehensive and timely information dissemination <br /> system for planned events of the development of TMT. <br /> I fully commit to helping, in any way, should you decide to pursue this request. <br /> I realize the lateness of my request and the difficulty of where we are. I ask for <br /> you to understand that the only goal is to have these issues resolved in a best way <br /> possible for the people of this Island and State. <br /> Respectfully, <br /> 4v-LeiN_ <br /> HARRY KIM <br /> Mayor <br /> County of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br />