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Braia RuthAnne Tarletz Public Testimonv <br />Hola Everybody - <br />Comm. No. 2019-09 <br />I am on the mainland and can not attend tonight's meeting. I believe my son, Ano Tarletz <br />Hanamana, and, perhaps one or two others from our Association will attend. <br />With that said I want to remind the Committee of the importance of the opening Railroad <br />Avenue to Pahoa. Even when the 132 is reopened and we can travel down Pu'u'd Road to <br />Railroad Avenue to Cinder Road to the 137 (Government Beach Road) to the 132, if anything <br />happens to block our path, such as the two fires near Cinder Road, we could not get out in an <br />emergency. <br />Railroad Avenue has been a part of the CDP Plan. Railroad Avenue is usable with little to be <br />done. It could be opened yesterday for use. <br />If possible (and necessary if no one shows to represent us), could you please read this to the <br />Committee for the record. <br />Shaloha, Braja RuthAnne Tarletz <br />Kupuna and Abuela (TuTu) <br />Secretary, Pu'u'd Community and Road Association <br />Secretary / Treasurer Kehilat Olam Ejad Ganim (Congregation GaiaYoga Gardens) <br />