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Comm. No. 2019-10 <br />Stephanie Bath <br />August 6, 2019 <br />Testimony PCDP Action Committee <br />Agenda item 1 <br />Aloha Chairperson Brown and Committee Members, <br />By way of introduction, I am Stephanie Bath. I have resided in Kurtistown since 1981. <br />1 have been involved in the PCDP process since the first meeting that the community was invited to. <br />Later I served on PCDP steering committee where I was lead over the transportation theme. Our <br />family are CERT. We have actively served during both recent lava flows, Iselle and Lane. <br />At both Puna PREP fairs I served as lead in the mapping room. This is where concise input was <br />collected from the community re Connectivity locations in Puna. I want to emphasis that the <br />community was overwhelmingly and enthusiastically supportive of the implementation of connectivity <br />locations in Puna. They wanted and want action. <br />This committee has been tasked with the implementation of our now, 10 plus, year old PCDP. <br />When we look at the implementation chart, what has been implemented? <br />There were many unmet needs in Puna prior to the devastation by the Kilauea eruption. <br />The eruptions and Hurricane Lane have highlighted the lack of emergency measures in our <br />community. These will not be the last emergency situation we will experience as a community or <br />Island. Every day in Puna there are emergencies and situations that turn the lives of people upside <br />down. How does this relate to our discussion here.? <br />What I seek to do today is encourage this committee to take a broader look at the recovery efforts <br />from the eruptions and take measures to alleviate future impacts on life and property. <br />Transportation was a very hot theme during the developing of the PCDP. It still is. <br />Road redundancy/Connectivity <br />I strongly encourage support of prioritizing selection and acquisition of all the connectivity locations. <br />Connectivity intent can not be fully realized if some participate and others do not. (if some <br />communities are impacted and other are excluded.) <br />During the lava flow government created the CL from Hawaiian beaches to HPP. It was easy to <br />create. We now have redundancy with 130 if needed. <br />As part of our recovery it is essential that our Puna community be connected and made safer. It is not <br />ok, for example, that Fern Acres is cut off and isolated when there is heavy rain fall. Lower Puna as <br />well as parts of Upper Puna, could not get home during Lane because CL were not functioning. Ers <br />did not have access to areas. It was a mess. Its terrifying to think of the lifethretening situation of a <br />wildfire in Fern Acres subdivision. Remember the fires in Puna in the 80s? People need emergency <br />health care or other first responders to have assess. Human life is at stake! <br />What I am not saying is to shine on those impacted by Fissure 8 and the other elements of the <br />eruption and Halemaumau explosion and collapse. <br />