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Comm. No. 2019-13 <br />Pahoa Megalith.txt <br />Hi. My name is Catherine Inslee...I'm your neighbor in Pahoa. Did you know PUNA HAS <br />ANOTHER OPTION for recovery that has been UNFAIRLY KEPT FROM YOU? Something THAT IF <br />WE CHOSE TO ACTIVATE could support all our many diverse needs as a community here? <br />Let me paint a picture. Most people have heard of Stonehenge in the UK. A large <br />stone circle possibly for Sun and star watching? Pretty famous megalith, right? <br />People come every day to look at it. <br />WELL, WE HAVE A MEGALITH right here in Pahoa! Bigger than Stonehenge, made of <br />massive a'a boulders some as big around as trees! <br />AND IT HAS BEEN HIDDEN FROM VIEW FOR GENERATIONS... that's why you don't know about <br />it already! <br />Our Pahoa feature is 18 acres large, cut into wedges and meant for STUDYING THE SKY <br />a little at a time. For building star charts. For becoming a MASTER NAVIGATOR. <br />The entire site around there is loaded with navigational artifacts. And guess what? <br />There is a sister site in Alaska, too! WOW! And on Molokai'i, too! And on Kohala, <br />too. <br />And yes, Hawaiians built stone megaliths all the time. Not so the US Coast Guard, <br />however, which is who you will be told was the originator of this site if you sniff <br />around. <br />So WHAT WOULD HAPPEN FOR OUR RECOVERY if we decided to develop a little World-class <br />State Park right here in Pahoa? <br />Wouldn't Pahoa be great with a few hundred POND visitors a day? Or a thousand? <br />Something on par with the number of friends and visitors who had been staying in <br />Kapoho guest houses on any given weekend? <br />This MEGALITH in Pahoa is a Hidden Treasure. With it we can build a PUNA centered <br />around LEARNING, preservation, ELEVATING THE HAWAIIAN CULTURE and hosting the MOST <br />PONO VISITORS POSSIBLE; those interested in amazing human history. <br />Why do you think YOU STILL HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT THIS as an option for Puna at your <br />local speak -out? You think maybe SOMEONE WANTS TO LOOK AWAY? You think maybe <br />Hawaiian ARTIFACTS are a HOT ISSUE right now? <br />We can choose to build something beautiful here in Pahoa. But not if this option is <br />hidden from you. Not if you can't think about it and decide. This is a world class <br />solution for Puna. Not just more house lots for Tax income. <br />Mahalo. Catherine Inslee <br />Page 1 <br />