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,„:.E.-.:,9-e.A.i....,. <br /> 4,6') ********* <br /> C <br /> -,., <br /> * . ,:,_ <br /> k. ,_ <br /> 4 .' CORONAVIRUS__________ <br /> --,_-_,- -.,-_-_----____-- <br /> ir„,,i, wive A (COVID-19) UPDATEFEB 14,2Iptiwt020 <br /> ip,0-i.:„1-g,--,,,..._-_---,„....:- <br /> Mvwa4'& <br /> b, <br /> 1. <br /> DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH'S MESSAGE: The County of Hawaii is working with state and federal <br /> partners to keep you informed and to prevent the <br /> The Hawaii State Department of Health, in partnership spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)that originated in <br /> with the County of Hawaii, federal and other state China. As part of the effort to ensure timely and <br /> agencies, is working to take the necessary precautions to credible information, County Civil Defense is issuing <br /> prevent and respond to the COVID-19. If the COVID-19 is daily bulletins notifying the public of any updates. The <br /> identified in Hawaii, coordinated actions to prevent the purpose of this handout is to provide reliable <br /> spread of the virus will be taken. Becoming informed and information on: <br /> taking personal responsibility is our best preventive action. <br /> We urge everyone to learn about the COVID-19 and to • What you need to know about the COVID-19 <br /> take the necessary steps to protect yourself and family <br /> members. • Health advisories and actions taken by government <br /> to contain the COVID-19 <br /> r�� HAWAII STATE <br /> R_ ill4, ®EPATMENT • What you can do to keep yourself safe <br /> }I c»HEALTH <br /> Bruce S.Anderson, PhD. <br /> Director of Health, • How to keep updated on issues that may affect <br /> Hawaii State Department of Health you and your `ohana. <br /> WHAT IS THE 2019 NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)? <br /> Public health officials are working to contain a new type of coronavirus, referred to as COVID-19. This <br /> virus is believed to have originated in animals and then spread to humans. It is now being transmitted <br /> from person to person. <br /> This virus is a public health concern because it is new and knowledge is limited. The virus was first <br /> identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Cases have been identified internationally, including <br /> some cases in the United States. Efforts are being made by governments to prevent its spread. <br /> HOW DOES COVID-19 SPREAD? WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19? <br /> • • Mild to severe respiratory illness <br /> Air- Through coughing and sneezing p Y <br /> • Cough and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing <br /> O O Close personal contact,such as touching or , • Fever- (Some patients may not report fever, espe- <br /> shaking hands cially the very young, elderly, those not able to fight <br /> lii <br /> 1 infections, and those taking fever-lowering medica- <br /> tions.) . _ <br /> Touching an objector surface with the 9 P _ -' <br /> 15\ virus on it,then touching your mouth, • <br /> Fever Cough Difficulty Breathing Severe Illness <br /> nose,or eyes before washing your hands f <br /> Because the COVID-19 is new, we are IS THERE A VACCINE FOR COVID-19? <br /> learning more each day about the trans- <br /> 4)31 mission patterns and incubation periods 110 <br /> Because this is a new virus, there is currently no vaccine <br /> mI to protect against COVID-19; however, efforts are un- <br /> Health officials are still learning about this new virus derway to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. <br /> and how it spreads, but best evidence suggests it is / <br /> spread when a person coughs or sneezes, or from - <br /> close contact with a sick person. Once infected, IS MY PET AT RISK OF GETTING COVID 19. S <br /> symptoms may not appear for 2 to 14 days. The <br /> virus is also believed to survive numerous da son Although COVID-19 seems to have come from an animal <br /> y source, it is now spreading from person to person. There is no <br /> surfaces. <br /> reason to believe animals or pets in Hawaii or elsewhere in <br /> the U.S. might be spreading the virus. <br />