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Communication 2020-01 <br />Kupuna for Mo'opuna's Public Testimony for the All Action Committee CDP Meeting 12.16.2020 <br />Hawai'i County Planning Department <br />Public Meeting <br />December 16, 2020 at 4:OOpm <br />Re: Agenda Item - Business 1. Island -wide Community Development Plan Action Committee Convening <br />COMMENTS: <br />Urgent Call for the Establishment of a Hilo Community Development Plan <br />Action Committee <br />Aloha, <br />We, Kupuna for the Mo'opuna, submit the following testimony regarding the Island -wide Community <br />Development Plan Action Committee Convening. <br />Our testimony is an urgent call for the establishment of a Hilo Community Development Plan Action <br />Committee. The convening of the "Island -wide" CDP Action Committee is premature until an overdue <br />Hilo CDP Action Committee is established. With the daunting outlook of Hawai'i County's economic <br />recovery, resources for responsible planning must be prioritized and used in efforts to establish a critical <br />Hilo CDP Action Committee. <br />A critical Hilo CDP Action Committee must be the priority of the Planning Department so that the grossly <br />outdated Hilo CDP of 1975 will receive required action in order to bring it current. Without a current <br />Hilo CDP, the voices of Hilo's CDP residents are being left out of the "Island -wide" CDP Action <br />Committee and the Hawai'i County General Plan 2040. (See attached testimony to County Council <br />committee, Comm. 659.13 on 11.17.2020.) <br />We will continue to seek every opportunity to shed light on this urgent matter. <br />Mahalo, <br />Kupuna for the Mo'opuna <br />Pana'ewa, Hawai'i <br />