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Comm. No. 2020-02 James Sogi Testimony <br />James Soni Public Testimony for the All Action Committee CDP Meeting 12.16.2020 <br />Please present my testimony for the Dec 16 KONA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION <br />COMMITTEE meeting. <br />My name is James Sogi and have lived in Holualoa Hawaii for 40 years. I was born on the Big Island. My <br />family has been in Hawaii for 5 generations for 115 years. <br />Tourism should not be made the top priority for economic development. <br />Tourism is destructive to the land, to the culture and to the people. Manyjobs go to mainlanders who <br />come here, not locals. We have to bring in workers to build hotels. <br />The land development destroys access to beaches and resources like at Mauna Kea Beach hotel allowing <br />only 10 local cars to park. The end result of tourism as a priority is Waikiki, which is bad. <br />The Polynesian Cultural Center type of entertainment is disrespectful of our local Hawaiian culture. <br />Tourism is not reliable as we find now, during the Iran crisis, during 9/11, during an airline strike, during <br />economic downturns on the mainland. We cannot rely on tourism. <br />We should promote local business as we did for a hundred years before tourism came to the Big Island. <br />Promote agriculture. Promote Hi tech, Promote local services, Promote remote working, promote small <br />scale culturally sensitive tourism by local people. <br />Please do not put tourism as the top priority. There will be some tourism, but it should not be our main <br />economic engine. <br />James Sogi <br />Please send me info for greater zoom access to the meeting. Thank you. <br />