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Comm. No. 2018-07 <br />North Kohala Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Annual Report to the Community, 2017 <br />John Winter, Retiring Chair <br />Because my term has ended and I am (finally) retiring this year I am expanding upon the typical annual report <br />to remind the community of the origin and purpose of the North Kohala CDP and provide the new Action <br />Committee members with a bit of a guide as they move forward. <br />The North Kohala Community Development Plan (NKCDP) was created in 2008 by County Ordinance <br />2008-151 (Bill 365) and can be downloaded at (or by <br />contacting the Planning Department at 961-8288). <br />Many of you may remember the process that occurred here in Kohala to create the Plan. It began with a <br />Community Readiness Program, which included workshops and over 60 small group meetings that took place in <br />2005 and 2006. An 11 -member Steering Committee was then formed and met at regularly in 2007-8 to review <br />CDP material and plan ahead. Focus Groups were then formed to address each of the four Priority Issues: <br />• Growth Management. <br />• Public Access (to shoreline and other recreational areas, both mauka and makai). <br />• Affordable Housing. <br />• Infrastructure (parks, water and power supply, waste, roads, communications, healthcare, emergency <br />services, viewplanes, police and fire, etc., much of which is pretty decrepit). <br />Each Focus Group discussed and decided upon goals, strategies, and action steps for their issues. <br />Next, four Community Meetings were held throughout the CDP process to provide for community input on the <br />ideas that were developed by the Steering Committee, Focus Groups, the Planning Consultant, and the Hawaii <br />County Planning Department. This finally resulted in the creation of the NKCDP and appointment of an Action <br />Committee (NKCDP-AC) to carry out implementation of the plan. All of this is documented in the NKCDP. <br />I think we all recognize how unique and important North Kohala is. <br />• Cultural sites (most by far in the state). <br />• Agricultural potential (good soil and rainfall). <br />• Coastal resources (pristine coastline and marine life). <br />• Open space. <br />• Susceptibility to natural hazards and isolation from emergency services. <br />• Isolation and susceptibility to power and water supply interruptions. <br />• Simply maintaining our lifestyle in the face of development: "Keep Kohala Kohala" <br />As stipulated in the County of Hawaii General Plan (section 15.1) and in Ordinance 2008-151, the NKCDP is <br />administered and staffed by the Planning Department with the purpose to be a proactive, community-based <br />steward of the plan's implementation and update. In other words, we are an official part of County governance <br />and provide an opportunity for North Kohala to tell the County what we actually want, rather than wait to react <br />to decisions made for the community in Hilo or Kona. <br />The North Kohala CDP Action Committee is generally recognized as one of the most progressive and active <br />ones on the island. We were the second to be created and these first ACs faced considerable resistance from <br />various county offices, including our parent Planning Department, as we worked as a standard bearer for <br />implementing this new way of doing business. Change is always difficult, and many county workers and <br />administrators struggled to accommodate us, even though we were free volunteers working to help them with <br />their jobs. We have demonstrated our effectiveness and now have status at the table. Most county departments <br />know us when we meet with them now and are more receptive than before. I thank those who served before me <br />in this effort, with me, and those who follow as we continue forward. This is an important time. The county <br />General Plan is being revised now, and we hope to see it integrate the area CDPs more thoroughly. The <br />Planning Department has become much more accepting and supportive of this new paradigm and we look <br />