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CDP Agency Review: 2017 <br />HCDP Agency Review Tracking Tool <br />Branch <br />Agency <br />Reply <br />)P Policy/Actior <br />Summary <br />Decision/Rationale <br />Responded: No Comment <br />Assess Partner <br />No Response <br />CoH <br />Aging <br />CoH <br />Civil Defense <br />CoH <br />Corporation Counsel <br />CoH <br />Environmental Management <br />CoH <br />Finance <br />CoH <br />Fire <br />CoH <br />Housing & Community Dev. <br />CoH <br />Mass Transit <br />CoH <br />Office of the Mayor <br />CoH <br />Parks and Recreation <br />Numerous suggestions from Administrative <br />Permit division and Planning Division were <br />incorporated. See the Summary Revision <br />document (2018) for revisions based on <br />CoH <br />Planning Dept. input. <br />Hilo District Police coverage to include parts of <br />Rural South Hilo (Honomu and Pepe'ekeo) to <br />increase response times in rural areas. [Police <br />reserves the right too make final decision on <br />Policy asks Policy Department to "consider" expanding <br />operational matters and requests involvement <br />jurisdiction of N. Hilo Police - CDP team may change wording to <br />in any discussions regarding district <br />"Consider expanding or sharing N. Hilo policing jurisdiction <br />CoH <br />' • <br />Policy 97 <br />boundaries] <br />with [...]" <br />CoH <br />Public Works <br />CoH <br />' - - • - - • • - <br />No Comment <br />Willingness to Partner CDP <br />CoH <br />Water Supply <br />State <br />Accounting & General Services <br />Will add clarifying notes to IAL references & pass on to GP for <br />their review of terms used in LUPAG; "fake farms" and <br />Want LUPAG IAL clarified from STATE IAL; <br />"gentleman's farms" have proven hard to define and prevent <br />recommend including language discouraging <br />through regional policy - GP team is looking into how to better <br />"fake farms" and "gentlemen's estates" on IAL <br />protect productive ag lands through land use designations and <br />State <br />� <br />land <br />policy <br />State <br />Civil Defense <br />Request acKnowieagmeni Mai DOE responsible to maintain a <br />safe & healthy environment for its students in regards to <br />5.12.3 KA, 5.13.3 <br />facility sharing; Hakalau School campus is being handed over to <br />State <br />. r <br />KA <br />DLNR <br />State <br />Land Use Commission <br />Multiple <br />policy/references <br />State <br />• - . <br />are provided <br />State <br />Tourism Authority <br />State <br />Hawaii Community College <br />Consulting with P&R on EV stalls at COH <br />Willingness to partner Policy <br />facilities; otherwise this is probably best <br />79, Kokua Action 14, and <br />State <br />. • <br />Policy 79 <br />Suggest Electric Vehicles be added to planned parking areas. <br />left to a GP directive <br />Kokua Action 15 <br />State <br />Historic Preservation Division <br />State <br />Public Housing Authority <br />State <br />Workforce Development Division <br />See the Revision Summary Doc. For the various <br />policy suggestion revisions implemented in the <br />Will follow suggestions as appropriate: see revision summary <br />State <br />• ' - . • <br />Multiple Policies <br />CDP <br />document. <br />