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Comm. No. 2018-09 <br />North Kohala Community Access Group <br />January 3, 2018 (Old State Judiciary Building 4:30pm) <br />Participants: Joe Carvalho, Toni Withington, Carter Collins, Beth Robinson, Teri Takata, <br />Michelle Weissman, Eli Fein, Ted Matsuda. <br />❖ Pololu Lookout <br />o Surety Kohala Corporation is applying for consolidation & re -subdivision on their <br />property by Pololu (proposed parking lot for lookout on Mauka of the road). <br />■ The growth management group will look into the purpose of this <br />application. <br />❖ Niulii <br />o Cheryl Lupenui (CEO) of Kohala Center would like to attend one of our meetings <br />to address any concerns. <br />■ This parcel at Niulii is low on their priority list. <br />❖ Hapu'u — Kapanaia <br />o Charlie Anderson's property (Half O' Kaiili) is in escrow and has not closed with <br />the PONC purchase. <br />■ Association owners will have to sign off on the secondary access through <br />the subdivision. <br />•'• Halelua <br />• o NSTR - Need update from county planning department on GOE. <br />•'• Pahoa Beach <br />• o NSTR - Need update from county planning department <br />❖ Upolu Airport East <br />o NSTR - Need update from county planning department. <br />❖ Upolu Airport Restoration <br />o NSTR. <br />•'• Honoipu <br />• o Community members met with Dutch Kuyper (CEO of Parker Ranch), Parker <br />Ranch's Land Manager and the listing realtor for a 2nd time. <br />■ The community members asked if they would like to donate it to the <br />community, their response was no, so the community members asked of a <br />land swap would be possible. <br />■ Funding is still being sought for the purchase. <br />o The road from Akoni Pule Highway down till the Red cinder road is owned by the <br />Federal government. <br />■ Maybe the county can take it over with a no -bid stipulation. <br />❖ Pali A' Kamoa <br />o We'll have someone get in touch with the new owners to address the trail access. <br />•'• Kukuipahu <br />• o NSTR <br />Page 1 1 <br />