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Comm. No. 2018-02 <br />Hamakua CDP Steering Committee Meeting 02.26.2018 <br />Additional Written Comments Received <br />These comments were received at the Hamakua CDP Steering Committee meeting held at NHERC, on February 26, <br />2018. These comments are shown verbatim, however private contact information has been redacted. <br />Francine Roby: I'm a neighborhood watch member (Ahualoa) and we are being added to County <br />Emergency Plan "Project 360" which will roll out this year from Civil Defense. Is it considered in the CDP <br />especially since new emergency sirens have been added and reviewed by State HI-EMA? <br />Springer Kaye: We were provided a clear and reasonable explanation of why the rem "shall" was <br />changed to "should". However, the planners could just as easily have deleted the words "encourage" <br />and "endeavor" to clarify that maintaining minimum lot size (policy 22) and using cluster plan <br />development (policy 8) is a mandate. Because there is a minimum lot size, including policy 22 with a <br />"should" instead of "shall" almost serves to undermine land use policy rather than strengthen it, in <br />regards to minimum lot size, as was intended. ie almost better to delete the policy. <br />Policy 78 — Water system improvements <br />Policy 4 and 5 — Urban growth boundary <br />We have a problem in Honomu where the Department of Hawaiian Homelands intends to build a <br />medium density development of 700 1-3 acre lots a substantial distance from our urban growth <br />boundary, and more than 15 miles from Hilo, where they have an alternative site at Pi'ihonua, also in <br />the CDP boundary. I understand the County Planning Department has limited jurisdiction when it comes <br />to Hawaiian Homelands, but their plan flies in the face of everything you, we've done with this plan, and <br />I just ask that all of you here, involved in planning decisions help us defend this CDP. Mahalo! <br />Carlton Loving: Re: Page 9 policy 22, page 6 policy 8 — shall replaced with should. The CDP will be most <br />effective when given the authority and mandate to keep the community within the sustainable vision <br />that has been developed over close to a decade. To be able to push back against future attempts to <br />circumvent the plan, "shall" provides MUCH more leverage than "should". "Should" provides a choice <br />whereas "shall" demands compliance. P.S. I understand "shall" being incompatible with <br />encourage/endeavor. So, toss the word encourage/endeavor. <br />Naleda Patolo (Manager of Hamakua AG Co-op): Regarding CDP section 6. What sort of considerations <br />are being given to affordable housing availability and location? One of our biggest problems (expressed <br />by farm and shop owners) is the availability of reliable, consistent, and qualified labor. This may be <br />addressed elsewhere (if so, I apologize!), but I am curious about what has been discussed on this topic? <br />