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Comm. No. 2018-10 <br />Parks, Water & Roads Group <br />February 21, 2018 Meeting <br />REPORTS FROM TONI: DNLR and Pololu: DNLR has put Pololu at the top of their CIP list. Their current <br />focus is on improvements to the look -out and the trail. DNLR will be seeking written testimony or <br />phone calls to support for their CIP request. Toni noted that the Legislature will address the State's <br />budget in March. IF approved the funding would be available next fiscal year (June 30th -July 1St) <br />We discussed the parking and sanitation problems at Pololu. We agreed that WHEN an IF the <br />proposed DLNR funding is assured we would have another community meeting to address these <br />concerns and also to review the different jurisdictional responsibilities of the DNLR and the DOT. <br />Agricultural Water Study. Toni also reported on the meeting of the ag. water group. She noted that <br />there were about 40-45 people in attendance and that John 's water report was discussed. The <br />consultant hired to assess the viability of going forward will have a report in July. He noted that the <br />project will not be using all of the $1.5 million allotted for the project by the end of the fiscal year. He <br />noted that the problem is not whether there is enough water and whether it is high enough BUT the <br />organization of such an entity to run the ditch and its inputs as well as and the transmission lines to <br />users. The viability of the project depends on economic feasibility: whether putting transmission lines <br />in place is cost-effective, the number of users and the amount of money they would be willing to pay <br />for the lines. There also has to be a decision as to how the entity would be organized (has to be a non- <br />profit) and which local entities would be responsible. <br />Friends of the Park(s). Lisa Andrews reported on her meetings with Friends of the Park(s). There are <br />significant safety problems at Keokea. Sarah provided us with photos of broken picnic tables, rusted <br />out railings and trees hanging over wires. Lisa said she would try to organize people to fix the problems <br />locally. John noted that currently the directors for both Public Works and Parks & Rec. are in temporary <br />positions and this might explain the poor responses we get to our communications. <br />