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Comm. No. 2018-14 <br />NKCDP ACTION COMMITTEE <br />GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY GROUP <br />2018 WORKPLAN <br />The general goal of the Growth Management Community Group is to direct North <br />Kohala's growth to areas within and near existing town centers in order to preserve the <br />district's open space and cultural resources. <br />To that end, the Growth Management Community Group reviews land use applications to <br />the County Planning Department. After due consideration, a presentation by the <br />applicant if possible, and input from the community when offered or solicited, the <br />Growth Management Community Group subsequently recommends action to the <br />NKCDC Action Committee (AC). A Land Use/Permit Summary Report is maintained <br />accordingly. Efforts to compel transparency at the County level continue. <br />In addition to initiating and monitoring the regular review of Planning Department <br />Applications, the Growth Management Community Group plans to implement a <br />Community Design Guideline addressing signage issues to serve as a mechanism for the <br />Action Committee and the Community to be part of the application process for signs. <br />The Growth Management Community Group continues to act as a liaison to the NKCDP <br />AC for any Kohala culture/historic preservation groups. This support extends to any <br />groups that need assistance working with the Hawaii County Planning Department or any <br />other Department, e.g. Public Works. <br />The Growth Management Subcommittee meets the first Monday of each month from 6- <br />7pm at the old Judiciary Building in Kapa'au. Everyone is welcome. <br />