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Comm. No. 2018-17 <br />CDP <br />Action/Strategy <br />AC Comment <br />Status <br />Strategy Type <br />Vote/Dots <br />Item <br />Growth Management <br />Establish the North Kohala CDP Action Committee to oversee <br />1.1 <br />implementation of the CDP Vision and Action Programs. <br />Complete <br />Action <br />1.2 <br />Acquire coastal lands that should be preserved as open space. <br />On -Going <br />COH/Community Action <br />Down -zone identified State-owned parcels that have special <br />1.3 <br />cultural and/or scenic value. <br />COH Action <br />1.4 <br />Promote and support a community of diversified agriculture. <br />On -Going <br />COH/Community Action <br />1.5 <br />Establish community cultural programs. <br />On -Going <br />Community Action/Program <br />1.6 <br />Implement Policy of Cultural and Historical Preservation. <br />Action/Policy <br />1.7 <br />Establish Agricultural Education Programs. <br />Community Action/Program <br />Participate in the identification of Important Agricultural Lands <br />1.8 <br />as established by Chapter 205-47, Hawaii Revised Statutes to <br />Not yet Initiated <br />Action <br />ensure that appropriate lands are identified and protected. <br />Establish a View Plane Protection Program to identify and <br />1.9 <br />protect areas of significant beauty along the Kohala Mountain <br />Action/Program <br />Road and Akoni-Pule Highway corridor. <br />Public Access <br />Provide for substantive community input to the County <br />2.1 <br />Planning Department and the County Council in order to <br />On -Going <br />Action <br />finalize and accept priority shoreline access easements. <br />Assign responsibility and authority for the construction, <br />management, and maintenance of public access easements, <br />2.2 <br />paths, and roads that fall under the County's responsibility to a <br />On -Going <br />Action <br />specific County Department, together with adequate funding. <br />