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STEERING <br />COMMITTEE <br />Key Decision Point <br />Adopt Values and <br />Vision Statements; <br />Identify Community <br />Issues and Priorities <br />STEERING <br />COMMITTEE <br />Key Decision Point <br />Adopt Community <br />Objectives <br />2009 2011 2012 2013 <br />Identify Vision - Learn about Hamakua <br />COMMUNITY <br />Values and Vision <br />Phase <br />COMMUNITY <br />PLANNING <br />WORKSHOPS <br />SC & COMMUNITY <br />Key Decision Point <br />Gather & Review <br />Community Input <br />& Recommend <br />Revisions <br />STEERING <br />COMMITTEE <br />MEETING <br />Key Decision Point <br />Recommend <br />Approval of CDP <br />SC & <br />COMMUNITY <br />Comment at <br />County <br />Hearings <br />Adopt CDP <br />2014 2015 2o16 2017 2018 <br />- Review Draft CDP - Agency Review/Director's Revisions PC/ Council Review <br />FWe are here <br />STEERING STEERING <br />COMMITTEE COMMITTEE STEERING COMMUNITY <br />MEETING MEETING COMMITTEE <br />MEETING Steward <br />Review of <br />Analysis <br />Review of <br />Preliminary Draft <br />Review Agency <br />Comments & <br />Director's <br />Recommended <br />Revisions IN <br />implementation <br />of CDP <br />"71 <br />