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SUMMARY <br />This appendix includes excerpts from the County Charter, the General Plan, the Hawai'i County Code, <br />and a memo from the Planning Director that speak to the purpose and scope of Community <br />Development Plans. This section summarizes the more detailed information in the remainder of the <br />appendix. <br />Purpose <br />The General Plan shall set forth the County Council's policy for long-range comprehensive physical <br />development of the County. <br />The purpose of CDPs is to implement the broad goals within the General Plan on a regional basis and <br />translate the broad General Plan statements to specific actions. CDPs are the forum for community <br />input into coordinating the delivery of government services to the community. <br />Scope <br />The General Plan shall contain a statement of development objectives, standards and principles with <br />respect to <br />• The most desirable use of land <br />• Conservation of natural resources <br />• Preservation of our natural beauty and historical sites <br />• The most desirable density of population <br />• Thoroughfares, highways, and streets <br />• Public access to the shorelines <br />• Open spaces <br />• Public buildings, public utilities, and terminals for water, sewers, light, power, transit, and other purposes <br />• Public housing <br />• Drainage facilities and control <br />• Air pollution <br />Community Development Plans: <br />• Direct Land Use, Zoning, Growth, Development, and Design. For example, CDPs detail land use <br />policies, direct physical development, are the forum for community input into managing growth, <br />designate and coordinate detailed development patterns, may contain detailed land use and zoning <br />guide maps, and may contain... architectural design guidelines. <br />• May contain planning for watersheds and other natural features <br />• Direct public improvements: For example, CDPs designate and coordinate infrastructure needs, <br />detail infrastructure priorities, and may contain plans for infrastructure and public facilities. <br />Pg. 1 Appendix Vi: Purpose and Scope: Hamakua CDP March 2o18 <br />