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PLANNING PROCESS <br />INITIATION OF THE PLANNING PROCESS <br />Pursuant to Section 15.1 of the Hawai'i County General Plan, the Planning Director or Council may <br />initiate a Community Development Plan. In fiscal year 2009-2010, the County Council appropriated <br />funding for the Hamakua CDP, and the Planning Director initiated the CDP planning process in <br />September 2009. <br />STEERING COMMITTEE <br />Pursuant to Section 15.1 of the Hawai'i County General Plan, each Community Development Plan shall <br />have a steering committee composed of volunteer members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by <br />the County Council. The members shall be broadly representative of the affected communities. The <br />steering committee shall work in conjunction with the Planning Department and with any professional <br />consultants hired to assist in the preparation of the plan. <br />The Hamakua CDP Steering Committee was confirmed in 2010. The principal roles of the Steering <br />Committee included: <br />• Help tailor the planning process to the unique characteristics of Hamakua and its stakeholders <br />• Promote the planning process within various sectors of the community to maximize participation <br />while maintaining a neutral, approachable posture in the community <br />• Monitor the development of the CDP to ensure that the best interests of the Hamakua region as a <br />whole are incorporated <br />• Recommend approval of the CDP. <br />More information about the Hamakua CDP Steering Committee is available here: <br /> <br />COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION <br />The Hamakua CDP is the product of years of collaborative community, consultant, and County work. It is <br />firmly grounded in the community's objectives and has been vetted by community stakeholders at each <br />step. <br />The project timeline illustrates the CDP phases and steps, and can be viewed here: <br />, and a 5 -minute CDP orientation <br />video can be viewed here: <br />The Hamakua CDP was developed in three stages. Each stage was driven by extensive community input <br />and concluded with a clear decision by the CDP Steering Committee. <br />During the first stage, thousands of "talk story' and survey comments from community members were <br />used to identify core community values and a vision of what they'd like to see in Hamakua in 2030, as <br />summarized in Section 1.7 of the CDP. At the end of that stage, the Steering Committee affirmed a <br />Values and Visions Statement that then served as a compass point guiding the planning process. <br />Next, a detailed profile of the community (Appendix 3) was developed based on community knowledge <br />and expertise as well as existing data, reports, and studies. Section 1.6 of the CDP summarizes the <br />community assets and challenges identified in the profile. That stage concluded when the Steering <br />