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E Malama Kakou I Ka `Rina Informational Resources BEFORE Y O U <br />Let's All Steward The Land <br />Wherever your property is in Puna, <br />untouched land may have native or endemic <br />bird, insect, and plant species found <br />nowhere else on earth. Some may very well <br />be rare and/or endangered. <br />Responsible stewardship means building <br />and living in a way that minimizes your <br />impact on HawaiTs unique ecosystems. <br />t <br />Wildlife Corridors <br />6— j <br />Many parcels of land in Puna either abut or <br />are close to protected areas such as Hawai'i <br />Volcanoes National Park, Kahauale'a Natural <br />Area Reserve, Ola'a Forest Reserve, Wao Kele <br />o Puna, Keau'ohana Forest Reserve, <br />Nanawale Forest Reserve and several others. <br />These areas are of high ecological sensitivity <br />and development can break the continuity of <br />critical habitat. Bird and plant populations <br />become genetically isolated and are at <br />greater risk. By clearing minimally, removing <br />invasive species and landscaping with native <br />plants or non-invasive non-native plants, you <br />can help to maintain the biological integrity <br />of our at risk native species. <br />• County Department of Public Works <br />(DPW) <br />works <br />• State Department of Land and Natural <br />Resources (DLNR) <br />• State Division of Forestry & Wildlife <br />(DOFAW) <br />• College of Tropical Agriculture and Human <br />Resources (CTAHR) <br /> <br />ms.aspx <br />• Hawaiian Alien Plant Studies (University of <br />Hawai'i) <br /> s <br />mith/aliens.htm <br />• Big Island Invasive Species Committee <br />(BIISC) <br />Mahalo Nui Loa <br />The agencies and organizations listed <br />below have contributed information used <br />in the development of this brochure. <br />• County of Hawai'i Planning Department <br />• Puna Community Development Plan <br />Action Committee <br />• Volcano Community Association <br />• Malama O Puna <br />The information contained in this brochure is for <br />general information purposes only and is not <br />conclusive. Please corm all building and permitting <br />requirements with the respective approving agency. <br />BUILD IN <br />PUNA <br />A Guide to Protecting Puna's Forests <br />Produced by the <br />Puna Community Development Plan <br />Action Committee <br />County of Hawaii Planning Department <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 <br />(808) 961-8288 <br />