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t9TROF,1.�1 ICAL FR TT G <br />Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers <br />PO Box 1162 <br />Captain Cook, Hi. 96704 <br />%018 RPR ?R RPI R 99 <br />U . 111AENT <br />�7U1'4 i p' Oi, Hv`,tt / ,11 <br />To: Hawaii County Dept. of Planning <br />Windward Planning Commission <br />Attn: Christian Kay <br />From: Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Association (HTFG) <br />April 26, 2018 <br />Subject: Hamakua Community Development Plan (CDP) <br />Dear Mr. Kay: <br />We of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Association are a trade and agricultural <br />organization dedicated to both the commercial and home production of a multitude of <br />tropical fruits. These are an important crop in much of the former sugar cane lands of the <br />Hamakua Coast. <br />Many of our members live and farm in the three districts covered by the Hamakua CDP. <br />Although the CDP generally recognizes the critical importance of agriculture, we are <br />concerned about some sections that seem to contradict its otherwise agriculture - <br />supportive objectives. <br />In particular, CDP paragraph 4.5.4, which asks the county to develop "viewshed <br />regulations", and paragraph 4.5.6, which seeks to discourage "tall, vegetative <br />windbreaks", are inconsistent with the document's overall goals of supporting <br />agriculture, watersheds, and our island ecosystems. <br />The development of "viewshed" regulations and discouragement of windbreaks appears <br />to be a nod to purely residential interests and fails to address the fact that crop cultivation <br />in agriculturally zoned lands requires a variety of protections, including windbreaks. <br />Furthermore, some of our most promising new fruit crops such as durian are themselves <br />trees that growers may desire to achieve significant height in order to maximize fruit <br />production. <br />As the representative organization for myriad farmers in this region, we respectfully <br />request that you consider the needs of agriculturalists in land zoned for their needs, and <br />eliminate these potentially damaging sections of what is an otherwise excellent plan to <br />shape Hamakua's future. <br />Sincerely <br />118054 <br />