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April 12, 2018 <br />TO '' Windward '^'^ T'`' <br />' <br />Chair Joe Clarkson and ConomnitteeK8emobem �]U�TYOF H/VAJI <br />' <br />RE: Harnahua Community Development Plan <br />Aloha Chairman Clarkson and Members of the Windward Planning Commission, <br />Mahalo for this unique opportunity to submit testimony requesting your approval of the <br />revised Hamakua Community Development Plan. <br />I am a lifelong resident of Hawaii Island, a resident of the communities of Hakalau and . <br />Pepeeheoalong the Harnakuacoast, astnnng and committed community advocate for over 3D+ <br />years, have been and continue to be a member of several boards and community organizations, <br />and for the past 2years, amember mfthe HCDPSteering Committee. 7fyou caught the '2year <br />member' part, than you certainly are paying attention! Members ufthe H[DPSteering <br />Committee didn't read the fine print in 2009 that stated in the Planning Department, you add 7 <br />to the number of years that you commit and that brings you to the total of 9 years of serious <br />dedication and commitment to the communities and constituents that each of us value. <br />This 'bonding', along with the shared heartbeat and love of Hamakua, has resulted in countless <br />hours of meetings and discussions with community members and each other. The <br />opportunities created and afforded to the people of Hamakua to voice and share their vision <br />have been invaluable, both in the crafting of the HCDP and in the fostering and strengthening of <br />relationships along the coastline. <br />The resulting Hamakua Community Development Plan encapsulates the wants and needs of our <br />constituents, the practicality of development in the area, the preservation of our culture and <br />resources all with the intent of leaving a healthy and mindful legacy to the generations of the <br />The exceptional skills and talents of the Planning Department's CDP Team are to be <br />commended for the execution mfthis undertaking. K8aha|o,nnaha|o,nnaha|ofor your time, <br />patience and extraordinary accomplishment of putting together this plan. Coupled with the <br />like -mindedness and sincere desire of the Steering Committee to represent 'our' communities, <br />this HCDP taken all of us on quite a journey. <br />I support the Steering Committee's recommendation to the Windward Planning Commission to <br />approve this revised version ofthe HamnakuaCommunity Development Plan. !arncomfortable <br />and confident that the content and process in arriving at this juncture expressively reflects the <br />discussions and comments ofthe people ofHmnnakua. | urge your approval ofthe Hamnahue <br />Community Development Plan. <br />Thank you, <br />