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<br />CIVIL DEFENSE AGENCY Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018 <br />MEDIA UPDATE Time: 8 AM <br /> Radio Frequency: Every 1 hour <br /> Update: 1 <br />Updates to change Bullet #1: “between Highway 130 and Maile Street <br />Incident: East Rift Zone Eruption in Leilani Subdivision <br /> <br />This is a Civil Defense update for Sunday May 6, 2018 at 8 AM. <br /> <br />Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirms 2 more fissures emerged between Leilani and Malama <br />Street near Luana and Kupono Street last night, bringing the total number of fissures to 9 at this <br />time. Active venting of lava and hazardous fumes continues between Mohala and Moku Street. <br />It is confirmed that at this time, at least 6 homes have been destroyed. <br /> <br />Due to the eruption, the following are issued: <br /> Conditions permitting, Leilani Estates residents with property between Highway 130 and <br />Maile Street will be allowed to enter the subdivision to complete evacuation of pets and <br />items left behind beginning at 8 AM. Residents should be aware of the very unstable <br />conditions of air quality and of the roads. <br /> Evacuation access may be postponed if conditions become hazardous. <br /> Residents will be required to provide identification and proof of residency in Leilani <br />Subdivision. Police checkpoints are established at Highway 130 and 132 and at Leilani <br />Street and Highway 130. <br /> Leilani residents entering must be on the alert for elevated levels of Sulfur Dioxide, <br />wildfire, and volcanic eruption. People with respiratory problems are especially <br />vulnerable. <br /> You are cautioned to limit your exposure and depart the area after retrieving your <br />items. <br /> Please, the residents of Leilani need your help by staying out of the area. This is not the <br />time for sightseeing. <br /> No access is allowed at this time for residents of Lanipuna Gardens due to dangerous <br />volcanic gases. <br /> <br />County, State, and Federal partners continue to monitor the situation. You will be informed of <br />any conditions that affect your safety. <br /> <br />Thank you for listening. This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency. <br /> <br /> <br />