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M V1AA 9LAq Lcv., .#L) <br />May 3, 2018 testimony to the , iing commission— In favor of developin, . I lakalc u Point Project to provide <br />employment for locals and processing facilities for local farmers. Leave the industi it zoning for the point in tact. <br />Tax Map Key (3) 2-9-002:079 & (3) 2-9-002:081 rd at mtg IV <br />Dist114 Pad <br />State land use designation : Urban rrd'� <br />FIS <br />County Zoning: General Industrial (MG -5a) <br />Page 42 — Revised land use guide map for Hakalau <br />Turns Hakalau point into 'Open Land' from Industrial —the farmers and citizens in ,$is area do not want this rezoning. <br />This Open Land designation came about very corruptly when the Chairman of the :ornrnittee asked for a vote to <br />change all the zoning on the two parcels from Residential and Industrial to Open L md. -he vote was not on the <br />agenda, it was not announced to the public, it came out of the blue and voted on. i.ivT, the vote by the committee <br />was not unanimous so the vote to change the zoning of these two parcels kept coming up at every meeting after <br />that. In fact, some meetings were held until this vote was unanimous. The commit ae chairman recused and excused <br />himself from speaking on the topic from then on WHY?; because he was hired by the people that are opposed to any <br />development on the point. He was hired to render a landscape view of a future park. This is, where the corruption <br />started in earnest and went on from there. This committee is a joke and their repor4 should not be taken seriously <br />because it is corrupt, it is hypocritical, and it does not serve the greater community of Hakalau, Hawaii. <br />Page 86 <br />Community Objective 8: Promote, preserve and enhance a diverse. sustainable, local economy. <br />Community Objective 9: Encourage the increase and diversity of e,oploy?Hent and living options <br />for residents, including living wage jobs and entrepreneurial opf nrturrities that allow residents <br />to work and shop close to home and that complement Hamakua', ;�cology, rural character, and <br />cultural heritage. <br />p. 87 - Community Objective 42: Develop a distinctive identity for the Hamakua re -on to enable public and private <br />industries <br />p. 87 6.2 Strengthening Local Agriculture —this section of the CDP guides efforts to strengthen the local ag value <br />chain, ag parks, diversified ag-based businesses and ag tourism <br />Community Objective 11: enhance and promote local and sustainable ag ( an ag pa r:, f(iod processing hub, and demo <br />gardens with local and Hawaiian plants ) <br />Community Objective 13: promote rural tourism that welcomes guests for an alteniativu visitor experience. <br />p. 88 — 6.2.3 County Action <br />Policy 114 — implement the County of Hawaii Agriculture Plan of 2010 to marshal r Uou. ce:; for key infrastructure <br />projects that would broadly benefit the ag sector — (the county should be financially supporting the Hakalau Poing <br />Project as promised in its policy guides) <br />p. 89 — policy 119: support the development of private, county and state agricultural parks SCANNED <br />p. 54 — Land Use Policy: conserve and protect ag land — State Constitution Article XI, Section 3 — (5 iropshj ywas�tr,}�41, <br />to get his cows off the land — this is anti -agriculture) BY: LU'U <br />