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Hamakua CDP Testimony <br />Robert T. Nishimoto, PhD <br />Retired Program Manager, DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources <br />Grandson is the 5th generation living in Ninole <br />E <br />at51 IMg by <br />rd -k Riad <br />1. Support acceptance of the Hamakua CDP <br />a. Guiding principle: Whats good for the land is good for <br />the people" <br />b. Thanks for the Steering Committee fo 9 years of <br />dedicated volunteer work to develop this planning <br />document <br />2. Fully support Revised Policy 18, shoreline and building <br />setbacks for environmental, health, safety priorities. <br />a. Handout 1- Photo of cliff slide at Hakalau Point, MM16, <br />and proof of irreversible damage—permanent loss of <br />opihi and wana habitat <br />b. Handout 2 is March 2018 Hamakua Times, The Lonely <br />Hamakua Opihi. Please read if you enjoy opihi as food <br />or as part of our natural resource heritage. <br />3. Encourage continuation of a working relation with UHH- <br />created Manager Climate Corps (MMCL <br />a. collaboration between managers and academics to <br />develop adaptive capacity resealing climate change <br />impacts. <br />b. praise the recent collaboration between Dr. Peroy, UHH, <br />County Planner Bethany Morrison, guiding Rose Hart, <br />UHH student to document historical and present cliff <br />erosion rates. <br />c. This data driven results provides a "level playing field" to <br />for an environmental perspective, challenging the usual <br />planning decisions based on creating local jobs and _ <br />tax revenues. SCANNED <br />d. The MMC is a local job for local agencies. <br />