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July 10, 2018 <br />RE: Hamakua Community Development Plan <br />Chair Eoff and Members of the County Council Committee on Planning: <br />I am here to support the Recommended Hamakua Community Development Plan. My name is <br />Susan Forbes and I live in Hakalau at 29-2283 Old Mamalahoa Highway. I am testifying in <br />support of this plan as the president of the Hakalau Point Preservation Association. <br />The recommended Hamakua CDP before you represents nine years of effort by the Planning <br />Department and the citizens of Hamakua. My first introduction to the CDP was in 2011 in <br />Wailea at the annual mocha pounding event. Planning Department staff were present to <br />educate us about the process. This hearing is the 43 d public meeting dealing with the Hamakua <br />Community Development Plan in a process that has engaged hundreds of residents. <br />I'd like to make just a few comments about this process and what we have learned. <br />1. The Planning Department CDP staff members have done an outstanding job of making <br />sure those living in the area were aware of the process and of the issues. This included a <br />variety of ways to reach out, educate, listen and gather feedback. <br />2. There has been great consistency over time in community feedback. The recommended <br />CDP rings true to the voices of our communities. I know that in the Wailea/Hakalau <br />community, the planning effort started in 2008, prior to and independent of the CDP <br />process, and the CDP is consistent with the values and community aspirations expressed <br />in 2008. <br />3. There has been controversy and debate over some issues. The Steering Committee <br />worked through the issues diligently, listening to extensive testimony, conducting <br />additional research, and evaluating the facts objectively. <br />4. The Recommended Hamakua Community Development Plan reflects the care taken in <br />conducting research, listening and collecting feedback. <br />5. We have learned much from our neighbors in other Hamakua communities. We realize <br />that the Hamakua communities must work together, actively protecting our culture, <br />lifestyle, environment, historic sites and scenic views and helping to foster balanced and <br />appropriate development. <br />6. The Recommended Hamakua Community Development Plan not only accurately <br />reflects community feedback, it is an important tool for moving forward. <br />Thank you for honoring our community voices. <br />Respectfully, <br />Suyaw Fo-r(, e. , President <br />Hakalau Point Preservation Association <br />