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Comm. No. 2018-23 <br />NKCDP Action Committee Priority Setting Results <br />The Action Committee members were asked to prioritize a list of actions/strategies from pages 97-99 of the North <br />Kohala CDP. The first part of the priority -setting exercise involved each Action Committee member choosing 3-5 <br />CDP Action items they were particularly interested in. The following 12 actions were the preliminary choices for <br />prioritization for discussion at the July 16, 2018 Action Committee meeting. <br />NKCDP <br />Section <br />NKCDP Priority <br />1.2 <br />Acquire coastal lands that should be preserved as open space. <br />1.4 <br />Promote and support a community of diversified agriculture. <br />3.1 <br />'Ghana Housing Units and additional Farm Dwellings: (Promote as affordable housing <br />strategy). (Note: action dependent on water improvements) <br />2.1 <br />Provide for substantive community input to the County Planning Department and the County <br />Council in order to finalize and accept priority shoreline access easements. <br />3.3 <br />Create a non-profit housing development corporation or similar community-based entity for North <br />Kohala that will develop affordable for sale and rental housing to meet the needs of the North <br />Kohala community. <br />3.4 <br />For specific housing projects, pre-empt certain County subdivision and infrastructure standards and <br />requirements in order to lower residential subdivision costs, thereby providing for more affordable <br />rural housing. <br />1.6 <br />Implement Policy of Cultural and Historical Preservation. <br />4.2 <br />Improve Parks (restrooms, gym & public boat ramp). <br />4.5 <br />Improve Potable Water System. <br />4.6 <br />Improve Existing Roadway Systems and Create Emergency Bypass Roads <br />4.8 <br />Develop and Implement Rural Infrastructure Standards. <br />4.12a <br />Support repair and maintenance of existing agricultural water transmission and distribution <br />systems to meet agricultural needs. <br />The Action Committee reviewed these preliminary priorities, and discussed these at the July 16th Action Committee <br />meeting. They deliberated and voted to group the actions/strategies into 4 categories with one overarching theme <br />of collaboration. The four categories that were established are as follows: <br />1. Affordable Housing <br />• 'Ghana house permitting and rental units are a top priority <br />2. Infrastructure <br />• Increasing water availability is a top priority for infrastructure <br />3. Agriculture and Economic Development <br />• Investigating the scope of issues or goals for agriculture in North Kohala is a top priority <br />4. Public Access <br />