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Harry Kim <br />Mayor <br />County of Hawaii <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />Michael Yee <br />Director <br />Daryn Arai <br />Deputy Director <br />NORTH KOHALA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br />Aupuni Center • 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 • Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone (808) 961-8288 • Fax (808) 961-8742 <br />Monday, March 19, 2018 <br />Meeting Minutes <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />Chair, Steve Hoffmann, called the North Kohala Community Development Plan (NKCDP) Action <br />Committee (AC) to order at 5:00 P.M. in the Hisaoka Gym Conference Room. <br />ROLL CALL <br />Action Committee Members Present: Steve Hoffmann, Keone Emeliano, Jeff Coakley, Jack Hoyt, Jack <br />Olson, Beverly Blake, Richard Elliot <br />Action Committee Members Absent -Excused: Lehua Ah Sam, Benjamin Ney <br />Staff: CoH Planners: LeAna Gloor, Keiko Mercado, and Eric Cook. <br />Members of the public: 9 Members of the public were in attendance. <br />ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: None. <br />ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br />PUBLIC COMMENT ON AGENDA ITEMS: <br />There was no testimony given from members of the public. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br />Committee Member Jack Hoyt moved to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2018 meeting, as <br />submitted. Second by Committee Member Jeff Coakley. The motion to approve the minutes as <br />submitted passed with 6 votes aye, 0 votes nay. (Committee member Blake was absent during the time <br />of the vote). <br />REPORTS AND OTHER PRESENTATIONS: <br />Community Partner Group Reports: <br />Comm. No. 2018-09 North Kohala CommunitV Access Group Report: Group member, Toni <br />Withington presented a summary of the January and February meetings for the group, as well <br />as recent progress. Ms. Withington stated that the group had put in a CIP request for <br />maintenance work on the Pololu trail and lookout. The group is also working on efforts to get <br />an additional parking area at the Pololu Lookout. <br />Hawai `i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer Page I <br />