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Comm. No. 2018-24 <br />North Kohala Community Access Group <br />July 11, 2018 (Old State Judiciary Building 4:30pm) <br />Participants: Joe Carvalho, Jack Hoyt, Rick Gmirkin, Toni Withington, Carter Collins, Beth Robinson, Margo <br />McFednos, Bob & Elaine Losey, Jane Pinckney, Cheryl Lupenui, Pete Cameron <br />❖ Pololu Lookout <br />o Na Ala Hele Advisor Board discussed the situation at Pololu at their meeting in Hilo on June 20. <br />They are encouraging DLNR to be transparent in their consolidation/resubdivision negotiations with <br />Surety Kohala. <br />❖ Niulii <br />o Cheryl Lupenui from the Kohala Center gave updates on their parcel. First, they have been in <br />conversation with neighbors about keeping the site secure while giving access to those who should <br />have it. Second, they discontinued using the goats to keep grass in check but will now need to mow <br />as they want to better map features of the property. Third, they are looking at the possibility of <br />relocating some hale from the old Kona Village Resort as suitable structures for having activities on <br />the site. <br />o The July 7 work party for clearing the emergency by pass road (Pratt Road) from Nuilii till Halawa <br />went well. <br />❖ Hapu'u — Kapanaia <br />o The forms for nominating the 93 -acres Kapanaia land to the State Legacy Land Preservation <br />Commission are expected to be filed July 25th. Additional letters of support would be welcome. <br />o Prior to planning the blessing for Hapu'u the County wants the road cleared. An abandoned car is <br />parked on the side of the road along with the road being heavily overgrown to nearly being <br />impassable even with 4 wheel vehicles. <br />•'• Halelua <br />• o Finally received a response from Planning Department re the Grant of Public Access Easement <br />(GOE) on this land and others on the agenda. They are going to take a broader view of all six we <br />submitted. They have hired a new planner, Kamuela Plunkett, to focus on this. <br />•'• Pahoa Beach <br />• o One of the GOES the County PD will be reviewing. <br />❖ Upolu Airport East <br />o Another GOE the County PD will be reviewing <br />❖ Upolu Airport Restoration <br />o The Power, View Plane and Soil Erosion committee looking at erosion control projects, what works <br />and what doesn't. <br />Page 1 1 <br />