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Comm. No. 2018-28 <br />November 19, 2018 <br />UPOLU AIRPORT Environmental Restoration <br />The Upolu Project includes erosion prevention, establishing a trail, educating about native <br />plants and restoring native habitat, and informing the public of an on-going cooperative <br />effort. Today we are focusing on erosion prevention. <br />1. Value of ongoing erosion prevention program <br />Prevent contamination of coral reefs offshore <br />Prevent erosion of the shoreline cliff <br />Preserve fish habitats <br />Preserve existing vegetation <br />Prevent destruction of introduced native plants <br />Provide for return of seabird nesting areas <br />Prevent further erosion of pedestrian trails and jeep road <br />2. Timeline of a successful project <br />2011 Kohala Lihikai and eight other Kohala organizations enter agreement with Airports <br />Division to undertake environmental restoration of land makai of runway. <br />2012 Nursery of 700 naupaka starts created next to airport terminal. <br />2013 First planting of 600 naupaka along trail. <br />2015 Second planting of 800 naupaka, ilima and pa'u o Hi'iaka. <br />2015 Students from KHS, with funding from HTA and mentoring from Malama Kohala <br />Kahakai, designed and installed three check dams. <br />2016 Airports Division provided additional material and labor to install other sediment <br />collecting dams. <br />2018 Check on progress: both types of dams are collecting sediment from run-off and <br />aiding in the growth of increasing ground cover including the native pa'u o <br />Hi'iaka, ilima and naupaka. <br />3. Key Learnings <br />1. Work with the landowner <br />2. Community involvement essential <br />3. Kids teach us while they learn <br />4. It takes time <br />5. The project never ends <br />4. Next Steps <br />a. Evaluate the effectiveness of the present dams <br />b. Work with DOT Division of Airports engineer to locate additional dam sites <br />c. Work with KHS and Senior Project Program to find workforce for new dams <br />d. Create a nursery project to propagate erosion prevention vegetation <br />e. Use the lessons learned to undertake erosion prevention projects on <br />Kohala Open Space Lands — Pao'o, Kaiholena and Hapu'u — <br />using the County's Open Space Maintenance Fund <br />