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Comm. No. 2018-29 <br />*Submitted by John Winter for consideration by the North Kohala CDP Action Committee* <br />November 27, 2018 <br />Steve Bergfeld, DLNR/DOFAW <br />Clement Chang & Jackson Bauer, Na Ala Hele <br />Michael Yee, Department of Planning <br />Don Smith, HDOT <br />Capt. Evangelista, North Kohala Police <br />Roxcie L. Waltjen, Department of Parks and Recreation <br />Bill Shontel, Surety Kohala <br />CC: Lorraine Inouye, David Tarnas, Tim Richards <br />Regarding: A Proposal Regarding the Pololu Lookout. <br />Dear Department Heads, <br />Several groups helping to implement the North Kohala C4munity lopment Plan <br />have been working to solve the heavy visitor traffic and overcrowding Pololu <br />lookout here in Kohala. Our Parks, Water and Roads Group has taken the in this <br />effort and held several meetings to gather comfunity input in the attempt to e up <br />with a solution. We believe they have arrived at a consensus solution that balances the <br />wish to keep the area rustic while still safely acconv <br />g visitors and allowing <br />continued resident use. <br />At the November 141h community meleting on the issue th 'dents attending arrived at a <br />set of proposals that had consensus support. the attad6LPro al is a brief summary of <br />the issues, the consensus propositions, and an initial PlWcfion. The Action <br />Committee voted unani approve the proposal and I am now passing it along to <br />you. <br />Thank you for your consideration in this mat&Please feel free to call me if you have <br />further questions. <br />Sincerely, <br />'N <br />Steve Hoffmann, Chair <br />North Kohala Community Development <br />Plan Action Committee <br />hoff4nrg <br />498-0661 <br />