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Comm. No. 2018-30 <br />*Submitted by John Winter for consideration by the North Kohala CDP Action Committee* <br />A Pololu Lookout Proposal <br />North Kohala Community Development Plan <br />November, 2018 <br />North Kohala residents understand that the Pololu valley is an important tourist draw to the area. Tourism <br />brings commerce and local income, but also displaces residents from favorite recreational places. Most <br />members of the North Kohala community, particularly residents near the end of the highway, and indeed <br />recognize that increasing visitor traffic at the end of the highway presents severalalams that we need to <br />address. Principal among these problems are: <br />• Heavy traffic congestion and inadequate parking space, particularly <br />• Lack of toilet facilities: many visitors use the bushes, creating an A <br />• Safety and sanitary issues. <br />• Blocking driveways. <br />• No organization for car parking. <br />• Cars parked on the highway, sometimes restricting aceto <br />We realize a dilemma: while something ought to be done t address <br />"Keep Kohala, Kohala" (as it states boldly on the cover of our CDP) <br />tourist seasons. <br />ealth challenge. <br />many residents want to <br />roiniz the Pololu Lookout <br />may invite even more congestion. A reasonable solution therefore must strike a delicate balance. It should keep <br />the area rustic while still safely accommodating visitors and allowing continued resident use. <br />IL <br />Several state and county offices would be involved in solving the problems at Pololu. We realize that the <br />chances of getting action from them are greatly improved if our community can come to agreement on actions <br />we'd like to see taken. We believe the various departments would also benefit from a clear proposal on which to <br />base their efforts to help. It could also encourage our political represeqots to help us get results. Toward that <br />end we held several communit o hear cohcerns and favored solutions. The most recent one, open to <br />all North Kohala residents, d o ember 14th. In attendance were representatives of DLNR, Na Ala <br />Hele Surety Kohala and Re 0sentatveias. Coun ' n Richards' office also sent a representative. The <br />attendees and panel discussed our optio we sought table consensus. The following were points of <br />general agreement: <br />Seeking an Agreeable Solution: <br />Start with ' g the parking stalls at the lookout soon. <br />Toilet faciliti e necessary. Sanitation and health issues are paramount. <br />Keep the visit to ololu Valley focused on a wilderness experience. <br />two lanes. <br />it too big. Deal with the problems we have now, not future ones <br />-ustic. <br />Keep the <br />rking signs along the highway to restrict parking to the parking lot. <br />(cases of vandalism and no parking will have to be enforced). <br />The residents at all m Wgs, with very few exceptions, agreed that a balance between a rustic feel and safely <br />accommodating visitors can best be achieved by creating a parking area on the mauka side of the highway, with <br />toilet facilities (full -featured if possible, port -a -potties if not). Mr. Bill Shontel, representing Surety Corporation <br />of Kohala, which owns the land in question, said that they would be willing to donate up to 5 acres for such a <br />facility. The community expressed appreciation for such a magnanimous offer with their full support. It was <br />clear that any parking lot should only accommodate the traffic that now clogs the highway and no larger, lest it <br />invite even more visitors and even tours. The idea is to acquire enough land for future expansion should it <br />