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Comm. No. 2019-03 <br />Fern Forest Landowner Priorities <br />Public Health and Safety <br />Hannah Hedrick, Phil Clemmer <br />Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />March 5, 2019, Cooper Center, Volcano Village <br />During the past two decades, Fern Forest residents have participated in and led <br />initiatives to improve public health and safety county -wide, particularly in Upper Puna. <br />Between 2006 and 2008, when the PCDP was adopted as ordinance, several Fern <br />Forest residents attended dozens of work group and Steering Committee meetings and <br />reported regularly to the two Fern Forest community groups. We participated actively in <br />subcommittees related to mass transit and emergency response and connectivity, <br />providing testimony at dozens of Council and PCDP AC meetings during the past <br />decade. <br />We have actively advocated for parity for Puna, promoting <br />1. Reports and events related to Emergency Response and Preparedness, including <br />inter -subdivision connectivity (see Capital Improvements Project Proposal, "Fern <br />Forest/Eden Roc Connector Road," February 13, 2009; Mayor's Committee for Puna <br />Roads Connectivity) <br />2. Improvements in mass transit via the Hawaii Island Citizens Action Committee to <br />Improve Transportation and testimony at council meetings, community forums, etc. <br />3. Increased accessibility for people with disabilities via Disability Rights Hawaii and the <br />Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities <br />We have also asked Council members spanning from the Jacobsons to Matt Kanealii- <br />Kleinfelder for assistance in achieving oversight of the entrenched "roads" Boards that <br />obstruct our effort to work with the County and other entities to achieve the above health <br />and safety goals. Toward that end, more than 20 Fern Forest landowners are <br />requesting specific information related to Fern Forest Community Association ("Roads" <br />group) assets, finances, and recordkeeping and for Human Resources policies and <br />procedures. <br />Several of these Fern Forest landowners submitted a draft five-year road building and <br />maintenance plan. None of these individuals was accepted for the ballot for the 2019 <br />board. We are currently asking the Court to require that the election be redone as soon <br />as possible, with valid nominating and balloting processes under oversight of a group <br />such as the League of Women Voters. We are asking the Court to force the individuals <br />claiming to be FFCA Board members to comply with FFCA Bylaws and other rules. <br />In the meantime, we will continue to participate in various Puna, County, and <br />organizational planning processes related to 1, 2, and 3 above. <br />